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  • Chess Strategy for Beginners
    Martin, Jessica Era
    Chess is a complex and challenging game, but that’s what makes it so much fun. And this chess book for beginners doesn’t just teach you the rules. From the Queen’s Gambit to the Scholar’s Mate, you’ll learn how to execute the most effective strategies and become a worthy chess opponent.What sets this book apart from other chess strategy books: - A beginner’s guide. Jump right i...

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  • Easy Mexican Food Favorites
    Olvera, Jennifer
    Real Mexican food. Real easy.Easy Mexican Food Favorites proves that you don’t have to live south of the border to make amazing Mexican cuisine. From Spicy Shrimp Tacos to Pork Carnitas, this Mexican cookbook is filled with simple and sumptuous recipes that every home cook can master.Not much time to cook? Not a problem. This Mexican cookbook makes it easy to fit flavorful dish...

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  • Wiccan Book of Shadows, The
    Hawthorn, Ambrosia
    The easy-to-use guide to creating your own unique magical practiceAs you journey down the path of Wicca, you’ll nurture a unique set of traditions and beliefs to guide your way. The Wiccan Book of Shadows walks you through developing your own Wiccan practice, from those traditions and beliefs to everyday spells and rituals. Using the journaling spaces throughout, you can record...

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  • Vegetarian Meal Prep, The
    Danielson, Lisa
    Get healthier, save time and money with this meal prep vegetarian cookbookWhether you are a devout vegetarian or just looking to incorporate more healthy plant-based meals into your diet, a meal prep vegetarian cookbook is a tool for anyone looking to save a little time.The Vegetarian Meal Prep Cookbook will be your guide to the art of economical meal readiness?minimizing hours...

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  • Best of Mexican Cooking
    Martin, Adriana
    Now you can re-create your favorite traditional Mexican dishes in your own kitchen with Best of Mexican Cooking. This Mexican cookbook is filled with 75 iconic recipes that represent the very best regional home cooking across the country. Discover where each dish originated and get plenty of tips for making delicious, perfectly cooked Mexican meals--every time.Inside this Mexic...

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  • Edibles for Beginners
    Wolf, Laurie / Wolf, Mary
    Go from budding baker to edible expert with this cannabis cookbookMastering homemade cannabis creations is a true art and science--but every edible enthusiast knows there's a fine line between a relaxing munchie and a bite of reefer madness. This cannabis cookbook shows you how to confidently bake uniquely yummy sweet and savory goods in the comfort of your own canna-kitchen.Di...

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  • Green Witchcraft
    Vanderbeck, Paige
    Unearth the power of natural magic with this guide to green witchcraft.Through green magic, any witch can incorporate the wisdom and energy of the earth into their practice. This fun and informative spell book introduces readers to the magic of plants and herbs and then breaks down the foundational practices of green witchcraft into easy-to-follow sections.What sets this green ...

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  • My First Book of Planets
    Betts, Bruce
    Blast off on an exploration of our solar system-a fun space book for kids 3 to 5Get even the smallest astronomer excited for the big universe of space, from the bright and burning sun to our own blue Earth to ice-capped Pluto and every planet in between. With this book, kids will explore the entire solar system through incredible photos and fascinating facts on what makes each ...

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