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  • Rock N Roll Animal (LP)
    Reed, Lou
    A1.- Intro / Sweet Jane A2.- Heroin B1.- White Light / White Heat B2.- Lady Day B3.- Rock 'N' Roll ...

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  • In the End (LP)
    Cranberries, The
    A1.- All Over NowA2.- LostA3.- Wake Me When It's OverA4.- A Place I KnowA5.- Catch Me If You CanB1.- Got ItB2.- IllusionB3.- Crazy HeartB4.- Summer SongB5.- The PressureB6.- In The End ...

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  • Beck, Bogert & Appice (LP)
    Beck, Jeff
    A1.- Black Cat Moan (3:47)A2.- Lady (5:33)A3 Oh To Love You (4:05)A4.- Superstition (4:19)B1.- Sweet Sweet Surrender (3:58)B2.- Why Should I Care (3:33)B3.- Lose Myself With You (3:18)B4.- Livin' Alone (4:13)B5.- I'm So Proud (4:11) ...

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  • Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
    Simon & Garfunkel
    A1.- Scarborough Fair / CanticleA2.- PatternsA3.- CloudyA4.- Homeward BoundA5.- The Big Bright Green Pleasure MachineA6.- The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)B1.- The Dangling ConversationB2.- Flowers Never Bend With The RainfallB3.- A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was B4 For Emily, Whenever I May Find HerB5.- A Poem On The Underground WallB6.- 7 O'Clock News / S...

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  • Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium (2 LP)
    Rage Against The Machine
    A1.- Bulls On Parade A2.- Bullet In The Head A3.- Born Of A Broken Man A4.- Killing In The Name B1.- Calm Like A Bomb B2.- Testify B3.- Bombtrack B4.- War Within A Breath C1.- I'm Housin' C2.- Sleep Now In The Fire C3.- People Of The Sun C4.- Guerrilla Radio D1.- Kick Out Of The Jams D2.- Know Your Enemy D3.- No Shelter D4.- Freedom ...

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  • The Sciences (LP)
    A1.- The Sciences A2.- Marijuanaut's Theme B.- Sonic Titan C.- Antarcticans Thawed D1.- Giza Butler D2.- The Botanist ...

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  • Waltzing Matilda (2 LP)
    Reed, Lou
    Cleveland Music Hall, Ohio 26th April 1978A1.- Gimme Some Good Times A2.- Satellite Of Love B1.- Leave Me Alone - Medley B2.- I Wanna Be Black B3.- Walk On The Wild Side C1.- Street Hassle Old Wardorf, San Francisco, 22nd March 1978C2.- Lisa Says D1.- Coney Island Baby D2.- Sweet Jane D3.- Rock & Roll ...

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  • Thinking of another place (3LP)
    Reed, Lou
    A1.- Intro Jam A2.- Sweet Jane B1.- Coney Island Baby B2.- I Believe In Love B3.- Lisa Says A6.- Kicks B4.- She's My Best Friend C1.- I'm Waiting For The Man C2.- Sheltered Life C3.- The Kids C4.- Claim To Fame C5.- Vicious Circle D1.- Walk On The Wild Side D2.- Rock And Roll Heart D3.- Charley's Girl D4.- Kill Your Sons D5.- Satellite Of Love E1.- How Do You Think It Feels? E2...

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  • 1972 - 1974 (6 LP)
    King Crimson
    Larks' Tongues In Aspic1-A1.- Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part One 1-A2.- Book Of Saturday 1-A3.- Exiles 1-B1.- Easy Money 1-B2.- The Talking Drum 1-B3.- Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two Red2-A1.- Red 2-A2.- Fallen Angel 2-A3.- One More Red Nightmare 2-B1.- Providence 2-B2.- Starless Starless And Bible Black3-A1.- The Great Deceiver 3-A2.- Lament 3-A3.- We'll Let You Know 3-A4.- ...

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  • Bookies Club 870 (2 LP)
    Pop, Iggy
    A1.- Raw Power A2.- I Wanna Be Your Dog A3.- Dog Food A4.- TV Eye B1.- Shake Appeal B2.- Puppet World B3.- Knocking 'em Down (In The City) B4.- Lust For Life C1.- One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) C2.- Search & Destroy D1.- Take Care Of Me D2.- Funtime D3.- Nightclubbing D4.- I'm Alright ...

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  • At The Château D'Hérouville (LP)
    T. Rex
    A1.- Jeepster A2.- Telegram Sam B1.- Hot Love B2.- Cadilac ...

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  • Greatest Hits Live (LP)
    Frehley, Ace
    A1.- Rip It Out (Live)A2.- Breakout (Live)A3.- Cold Gin (Live)B1.- Shock Me (Live)B2.- Rocket Ride (Live)B3.- Deuce (Live)C1.- Strangers In A Strange Land (Live)C2.- Separate (Live)C3.- N.Y. Groove (Live)D1.- Rock Soldiers (Live)D2.- One Plus One (Studio)D3.- Give It To Me Anyway (Studio) ...

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  • Space Invader (2 LP)
    Frehley, Ace
    A1.- Space Invader A2.- Gimme A Feelin' (Radio Edit) A3.- I Wanna Hold You B1.- Change B2.- Toys B3.- Immortal Pleasures C1.- Inside The Vortex C2.- What Every Girl Wants C3.- Past The Milky Way D1.- Reckless D2.- The Joker D3.- Starship ...

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  • Upon A Smokey Evening Volume Two (2 LP)
    Cohen, Leonard
    A1.- Bird On A Wire A2.- Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye A3.- Who By Fire B1.- Passing Through B2.- The Window C1.- Lover, Lover, Lover C2.- So Long, Marianne D1.- Stranger Song D2.- Chelsea Hotel #2 D3.- A Sinner Must Die ...

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  • August (LP)
    Clapton, Eric
    A1.- It's In The Way That You Use ItA2.- RunA3.- Tearing Us ApartA4.- Bad InfluenceA5.- Walk AwayA6.- Hung Up On Your LoveB1.- Take A ChanceB2.- Hold OnB3.- Miss YouB4.- Holy MotherB5.- Behind The Mask ...

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  • Blissing Me
    A.– Björk Featuring Serpentwithfeet - Blissing MeB.– Björk- Blissing Me (Harp Version) ...

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  • Low In High School (LP)
    A1.- My Love, I’d Do Anything For YouA2.- I Wish You LonelyA3.- Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The StageA4.- Home Is A Question MarkA5.- Spent The Day In BedA6.- I Bury The LivingB1.- In Your LapB2.- The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t KneelB3.- All The Young People Must Fall In LoveB4.- When You Open Your LegsB5.- Who Will Protect Us From The Police?B6.- Israel ...

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  • Thrillington
    Percy "Thrills" Thrillington*
    A1.- Too Many People A2.- 3 Legs A3.- Ram On A4.- Dear Boy A5.- Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey A6.- Smile Away B1.- Heart Of The Country B2.- Monkberry Moon Delight B3.- Eat At Home B4.- Long Haired Lady B5.- Back Seat Of My Car ...

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  • Division Bell, The (2 LP)
    Pink Floyd
    A1.- Cluster OneA2.- What Do You Want From MeA3.- Poles ApartB1.- MaroonedB2.- A Great Day For FreedomB3.- Wearing The Inside OutC1.- Take It BackC2.- Coming Back To LifeC3.- Keep TalkingD1.- Lost For WordsD2.- High Hopes ...

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  • Hemispheres (LP)
    Cygnus X-1 Book II: HemispheresA-I.- Prelude A-II.- Apollo/ A-III.- Dionysus A-IV.- Armegeddon A-IV.- Cygnus A-VI.- The Sphere B1.- Circumstances B2.- The Trees B3.- La Villa Strangiato ...

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  • Message In a Bottle (2 LP)
    Police, The
    A.- Message In A BottleB.- LandlordC.- Message In A Bottle (Classic Rock Mix)D.- Message In A Bottle (Instrumental) ...

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  • Rated PG (LP)
    Peter Gabriel
    A1.- That'll DoA2.- Down To EarthA3.- This Is Party ManA4.- The Book Of LoveA5.- TabooB1.- EverybirdB2.- Walk Through The FireB3.- Speak (Bol)B4.- NocturnalB5.- In Your Eyes ...

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  • Blues (2 LP)
    Gallagher, Rory
    A1.- Don't Start Me Talkin' A2.- Nothin' But The Devil A3.- Tore Down A4.- Off The Handle B1.- A Million Miles Away B2.- Leaving Town Blues B3.- I'm Ready B4.- As The Crow Flies C1.- Who's That Coming C2.- Should've Learnt My Lesson C3.- Prison Blues C4.- Secret Agent D1.- What In The World D2.- Garbage Man Blues D3.- Born Under A Bad Sign ...

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  • Hysteria: Singles (10 EP)
    Def Leppard
    1.- Women / Tear It Down (Us Version)2.- Animal / I Wanna Be Your Hero (Us Version)3.- Hysteria / Ride in to the Sun (Int Version)4.- Pour Some Sugar on Me / Ring of Fire (Us Version)5.- Love Bites / Billy's Got a Gun (Live)(Int Version)6.- Armageddon It / Release Me (Can Version)7.- Rocket / Women (Live) (Us Version)8.- Excitable / Run Riot (Album Version)9.- Love and Affectio...

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  • Live From Moscow (2 LP)
    John, Elton / Cooper, Ray
    A1.- DanielA2.- Skyline PigeonA3.- Take Me To The PilotA4.- Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)B1.- Don't Let The Sun Go Down On MeB2.- Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadB3.- Candle In The WindB4.- I Heard It Through The GrapevineC1.- Funeral For A FriendC2.- TonightC3.- Better Off DeadC4.- Bennie And The JetsD1.- Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest WordD2.- Crazy WaterD3-...

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  • Roxy Music (2 LP)
    Roxy Music
    A1.- Ladytron (Idjut Boys Flange Bath Version)A2.- 2HB (Leftside Wobble Beatless Mix)B1.- Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Mix)B2.- Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Vocal Dub)C.- Chance Meeting (Johnson Somerset Mix)D1.- Ladytron (Man Power Mix)D2.- Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Dub) ...

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  • Mothermania: Best Of…(LP)
    Zappa, Frank
    A1.- Brown Shoes Don't Make It A2.- Mother People A3.- Duke Of Prunes A4.- Call Any Vegetable A5.- The Idiot Bastard Son B1.- It Can't Happen Here B2.- You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here B3.- Who Are The Brain Police B4.- Plastic People B5.- Hungry Freaks, Daddy B6.- America Drinks & Goes Home ...

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  • In Hearing Of…(LP)
    Atomic Rooster
    A1.- BreakthroughA2.- Break The IceA3.- Decision / IndecisionA4.- A Spoonfull Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go DownB1.- Black SnakeB2.- Head In The SkyB3.- The RockB4.- The Price ...

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  • Sun Singles (LP)
    Cash, Johnny
    A1.- Hey Porter A2.- Cry Cry Cry A3.- So Doggone Lonesome A4.- Folsom Prison Blues A5.- Get Rhythm A6.- I Walk The Line A7.- Train Of Love A8.- There You Go B1.- Next In Line B2.- Don't Make Me Go B3.- Home Of The Blues B4.- Give My Love To Rose B5.- Ballad Of A Teenage Queen B6.- Big River B7.- Guess Things Happen That Way B8.- Come In Stranger ...

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  • G.I. Blues (LP)
    Presley, Elvis
    A1.- Tonight Is So Right For Love A2.- What's She Really Like A3.- Frankfort Special A4.- Wooden Heart A5.- G.I. Blues A6.- Pocketful Of Rainbows B1.- Shoppin' Around B2.- Big Boots B3.- Didja' Ever B4.- Blue Suede Shoes B5.- Doin' The Best I Can B6.- Tonight's Alright For Love ...

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