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  • Bamba, La /O.S.T. (LP)
    Lobos, Los
    1 La Bamba - los Lobos 2 Come on, Let's Go! - los Lobos 3 Ooh My Head - los Lobos 4 We Belong Together - los Lobos 5 Framed - los Lobos 6 Donna - los Lobos 7 Lonely Teardrops - Howard Huntsberry 8 Crying Waiting Hoping - Marshall Crenshaw 9 Summertime Blues - Brian Setzer 10 Who Do You Love? - Bo Diddley 11 Charlena - los Lobos 12 Goodnight My Love - los Lobos ...

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  • Siesta / O.S.T. ( LP)
    Davis, Milles / Miller, Marcus

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  • Amy / O.S.T. (2 LP)
    Winehouse, Amy
    Disco 1, Lado A1. Opening2. Stronger Than Me3. Poetic Finale4. What Is It About Men (Live @ North Sea Jazz Festival)5. Walk6. Some Unholy War (Downtempo Version)Disco 1, Lado B1. Holiday Texts2. Kidnapping Amy3. Like Smoke (Demo)4. Tears Dry On Their Own5. Seperacao Fotos6. The Name Of The WaveDisco 2, Lado A1. Back To Black (Acapella / Album Medley)2. Cynthia3. Rehab (Live On ...

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  • La La Land (LP)
    Hurwitz, Justin / Gosling, Ryan / Stone, Emma
    A1.– Cast*- Another Day Of Sun A2.– Emma Stone (2), Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, Jessica Rothe- Someone In The Crowd A3.– Justin Hurwitz Mia & Sebastian's Theme A4.– Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone (2)- A Lovely Night A5.– Justin Hurwitz Herman's Habit A6.– Ryan Gosling City Of Stars A7.– Justin Hurwitz Planetarium B1.– Justin Hurwitz Summer Montage / Madeline B2.– Ryan Gosling, E...

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  • Easy Rider/ O.S.T. (LP)
    Steppenwolf / Byrds, The / Jimi Hendrix Experience, The / McGuinn, Roger / Smith
    A1.– Steppenwolf- The PusherA2.– Steppenwolf- Born To Be WildA3.– Smith (3)- The Weight A4.– The Byrds- Wasn't Born To Follow A5.– The Holy Modal Rounders- If You Want To Be A Bird B1.– The Fraternity Of Man- Don't Bogart Me B2.– The Jimi Hendrix Experience- If Six Was Nine B3.– The Electric Prunes- Kyrie Eleison B4.– Roger McGuinn- It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) B5.– Roge...

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  • Phantom of the Opera, The/ O.S.T. (2 LP)
    Lloyd Webber, Andrew
    A1.- Overture A2.- Think Of Me A3.- Angel Of Music A4.- The Mirror (Angel Of Music) A5.- The Phantom Of The Opera B1.- The Music Of The Night B2.- Prima Donna B3.- All I Ask Of You B4.- All I Ask Of You (Reprise) C1.- Masquerade C2.- Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again C3.- The Point Of No Return D1.- Down Once More / Track Down This Murderer D2.- Learn To Be Lonely ...

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire/ O.S.T. (LP)
    North, Alex / Heindorf, Ray
    A1.- Streetcar A2.- Four Deuces A3.- Belle Reeve A4.- Blanche A5.- Della Robia Blue B1.- Flores Para Los Muertos (Flowers For The Dead) B2.- Mania B3.- Lust B4,. Soliloquy B5.- Redemption ...

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  • Dolce Vita, La / O.S.T. (LP)
    Rota, Nino
    A1.- La Dolce Vita; Titoli Di Testa; Canzonetta A2.- Cadillac; Arriverderci Roma; Caracalla's A3.- Via Veneto; Notturno A4.- Patricia; Canzonetta; Entrata Dei Gladiatori; Valzer A5.- Lola; Valzer; Stormy Weather B1.- Via Veneto E I Nobili B2.- Blues; La Dolce Vita Dei Nobili B3.- Notturno E Mattutino B4.- La Dolce Vita; La Bella Melanconica B5.- La Dolce Vita Nella Villa Di Fre...

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  • West Side Story/ O.S.T. (LP)
    Bersntein, Leonard / Sondheim, Steven
    A1.- Prologue - Orchestra A2.- Jet Song - Riff and the Jets A3.- Something's Coming - Tony A4.- Dance At The Gym - Orchestra A5.- Maria - Tony A6.- America - Anita, Bernardo, the Sharks and Girls A7.- Tonight - Tony and Maria B1.- Gee, Officer Krupke! - Riff and the Jets B2.- I Feel Pretty - Maria, Consuelo, Rosalia and Francisca B3.- One Hand, One Heart - Tony and Maria B4.- Q...

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  • Some Like It Hot / O.S.T. (LP)
    Monroe, Marilyn
    A1.– Marilyn Monroe With Matty Malneck Orchestra- Runnin' WildA2.– Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra- Sugar Blues (Medley) / Runnin' Wild A3.– The Society Syncopators- Down Along The Sheltering Palms A4.– Adolph Deutsch- Randolph Street Rag A5.– Marilyn Monroe With Matty Malneck- Orchestra I Wanna Be Loved By You A6.– Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra- Park Avenue Fantasy A7.– Ad...

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  • Labyrinth / O.S.T. (LP)
    Bowie, David
    1. David Bowie & Trevor Jones: Opening Titles Including Underground2. Trevor Jones: Into the Labryinth3. David Bowie: Magic Dance4. Trevor Jones: Sarah5. David Bowie: Chilly Down6. Trevor Jones: Hallucination7. David Bowie: As The World Falls Down8. Trevor Jones: The Goblin Battle9. David Bowie: Within You10. Trevor Jones: Thirteen O'Clock11. Trevor Jones: Home At Last12. David...

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  • La La Land (2 LP)
    Hurwitz, Justin
    A1.- Mia Gets Home A2.- Bathroom Mirror / You're Coming Right? A3.- Classic Rope-A-Dope A4.- Mia & Sebastian's Theme A5.- Stroll Up The Hill A6.- There The Whole Time / Twirl A7.- Bogart & Bergman A8.- Mia Hates Jazz A9.- Herman's Habit B10.- Rialto At Ten B11.- Rialto B12.- Mia & Sebastian's Theme (Late For The Date) B13.- Planetarium B14.- Holy Hell B15.- Summer Montage / Mad...

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  • Jazz singer, The / O.S.T. (LP)
    Diamond, Neil
    - Disc 1 -1.- America2.- Adon Olom3.- You Baby4.- Love on the Rocks5.- Amazed and Confused6.- On the Robert E. Lee7.- Summerlove- Disc 2 -1.- Hello Again2.- Acapulco3.- Hey Louise4.- Songs of Life5.- Jerusalem6.- Kol Nidre / My Name Is Yussel7.- America (Reprise) ...

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  • Baby Driver (2 LP)
    Beach Boys / Beck / T. Rex / Blur / White, Barry / Simon & Garfunkel / Kid Koala
    A1.– The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- Bellbottoms A2.– Bob & Earl- Harlem Shuffle A3.– Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers- Egyptian Reggae A4.– Googie Rene- Smokey Joe's La La A5.– The Beach Boys- Let's Go Away For Awhile A6.– Carla Thomas- B-A-B-Y A7.– Kashmere Stage Band- Kashmere A8.– The Dave Brubeck Quartet- Unsquare Dance B1.– The Damned- Neat Neat Neat B2.– Commodores-...

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  • Passion (3 LP)
    Gabriel, Peter
    A1 The Feeling BeginsA2 GethsemaneA3 Of These, HopeA4 Lazarus RaisedA5 Of These, Hope - RepriseB1 In DoubtB2 A Different DrumB3 ZaarB4 TroubledC1 OpenC2 Before Night FallsC3 With This LoveC4 SandstormC5 StigmataD1 PassionD2 With This Love - ChoirD3 Wall Of BreathE1 The Promise Of ShadowsE2 DisturbedE3 It Is AccomplishedE4 Bread And Wine ...

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  • Nightmare before christmas, The (2 LP)
    Elfman, Danny
    D1 A1.- Overture A2.- OpeningA3.- This Is HalloweenA4.- Jack's LamentA5.- Doctor Finklestein/In The Forest A7.- Town Meeting SongB1.- Jack And Sally Montage B2.- Jack's ObsessionB3.- Kidnap The Sandy ClawsB4.- Making ChristmasD2 A1 Nabbed A2.- Oogie Boogie's SongA3.- Sally's SongA4.- Christmas Eve Montage A5.- Poor JackB1.- To The Rescue B2.- Finale/RepriseB3.- ClosingB4.- End ...

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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2 LP)
    Elfman, Danny
    A1.- Wonka's Welcome Song A2.- Augustus Gloop A3.- Violet Beauregarde A4.- Veruca Salt A5.- Mike Teavee A6.- Main Titles B1.- Wonka's First Shop B2.- The Indian Palace B3.- Wheels In Motion B4.- Charlie's Birthday Bar B5.- The Golden Ticket / Factory C1.- Chocolate Explorers C2.- Loompa Land C3.- The Boat Arrives C4.- The River Cruise C5.- First Candy C6.- Up And OutC7.- The R...

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  • Dunkirk (2 LP)
    Zimmer, Hans
    A1.- The Mole A2.- We Need Our Army Back A3.- Shivering Soldier B1.- Supermarine B2.- The Tide B3.- Regimental Brothers C1.- Impulse C2.- Home C3.- The Oil D1.- Variation 15 (Dunkirk) D2.- End Titles ...

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  • Spider Man: Homecoming (LP)
    Giacchino, Michael
    1.- Theme From Spider-Man (Original Television Series) 2.- The World Is Changing 3.- Academic Decommitment 4.- High Tech Heist 5.- On A Ned-To-Know Basis 6.- Monumental Meltdown 7.- The Baby Monitor Protocol 8.- A Boatload of Trouble Part 1 9.- A Boatload of Touble Part 2 1.- Stark Raving Mad 2.- Pop Vulture 3.- Lift Off 4.- Vulture Clash 5.- No Frills Proto Cool! 6.- Spider-Ma...

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  • It (2 LP)
    Wallfisch, Benjamin
    A1.- Every 27 Years A2.- Paper Boat A3.- Georgie, Meet Pennywise A4.- Derry A5.- River Chase A6.- Egg Boy A7.- Beverly A8.- Come Join The Clown, Eds B1.- You'll Float Too B2.- Slideshow B3.- Georgie's Theme B4.- 29 Neibolt Street B5.- Time To Float B6.- You'll Die If You Try C1.- Return to Neibolt C2.- Into The Well C3.- Pennywise's Tower C4- Deadlights C5.- Searching For Stanl...

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  • Game of Thrones Season 7 (2 LP)
    Djawadi, Ramin
    A1.- Main Titles A2.- Dragonstone A3.- Shall We Begin? A4.- The Queen's Justice A5.- A Game I Like To Play A6.- I Am The Storm B1.- The Gift B2.- Dragonglass B3.- Spoils Of War (Pt. 1) B4.- Spoils Of War (Pt. 2) B5.- The Dagger B6.- Home C1.- Gorgeous Beasts C2.- The Long Farewell C3.- Against All Odds C4.- See You For What You Are C5.- Casterly Rock C6.- A Lion's Legacy D1.- M...

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  • Stranger Things (2 LP)
    A1.– Stranger Things (Dialogue)- Intro - Will Singing The Clash (Dialogue) A2.– The Police- Every Breath You Take A3.– The Clash- Should I Stay Or Should I Go A4.– Stranger Things (Dialogue)- "Coffee And Contemplation" (Dialogue) A5.– Bangles- Hazy Shade Of Winter A6.– Echo & The Bunnymen- Nocturnal Me A7.– Stranger Things (Dialogue)- "Bring Him Home!" (Dialogue) A8.– Corey Har...

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  • Star Wars: A New Hope (3 LP)
    Williams, John
    Side 11.- Main Title 2.- Imperial Attack 3.- Princess Leia's Theme 4.- The Desert and the Robot Auction Side 21.- Ben's Death And Tie Fighter Attack 2.- The Little People Work 3.- Rescue Of The Princess 4.- Inner City 5-. Cantina Band Side 31.- The Land Of The Sand People 2.- Mouse Robot And Blasting Off 3.- The Return Home 4.- The Walls Converge 5.- The Princess Appears Side 4...

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  • Endless Poetry (LP)
    Jodorowsky, Adan / Handelsman, John
    1. Matucana2. Verde (Green)3. Gateau Et Violon (Gateau And Violin)4. Cadeau (Gift)5. Maricon (Faggot)6. Hermanas Cereceda (Sisters Cereceda)7. Ricardo Y Alejandrito Beso (Ricardo And Alejandrito Kiss)8. Diablo Al Alma (Devil To The Soul)9. Robo A La Luz De La Luna (Theft In The Light Of The Moon)10. Café Iris Street11. Stella And Alejandro12. Los Mineros (The Miners)13. Ya No S...

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  • Stranger Things (2 LP)
    Dixon, kyle / Stein, Michael
    A1.- Walkin In Hawkins A2.- Home A3.- Eulogy A4.- On The Bus A5.- Presumptuous A6.- Eight Fifteen A7.- The First Lie A8.- Scars A9.- I Can Save Them B1.- Descent Into The Rift B2.- Chicago B3.- Looking For A Way Out B4.- Birth / Rescue B5.- In The Woods B6.- Digging B7.- Symptoms B8.- Eggo In The Snow B9.- Soldiers C1.- Choices C2.- Never Tell C3.- She Wants Me To Find Her C4.-...

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  • Games of thrones season 2 (LP)
    Djawadi, Ramin
    A1.- Main Title A2.- A Lannister Always Pays His Debts A3.- Dracarys A4.- I Paid The Iron Price A5.- Chaos Is A Ladder B1.- Dark Wings, Dark Words B2.- You Know Nothing B3.- Wall Of Ice B4.- Kingslayer B5.- I Have To Go North C1.- White Walkers C2.- It's Always Summer Under The Sea (Shireen's Song)C3.- Reek C4.- The Bear And The Maiden FairC5.- The Night Is Dark D1.- The Lannis...

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  • Chef (LP)
    Rodriguez, Pete / john, Courtney / El Michels Affair
    1.– Pete Rodriguez (2) I Like It Like That 2.– Courtney John Lucky Man 3.– El Michels Affair C.R.E.A.M 4.– Roberto Roena Que Se Sepa 5.– Hot 8 Brass Band Sexual Healing 6.– Quantic & Nickodemus Feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars* Mi Swing Es Tropical Course B1.– Ronnie Hudson And The Street People* West Coast Poplock 2.– Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger* And Carlton Livingston A M...

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  • Séptimo día (2 LP)
    Soda stereo
    A1.- En El Séptimo Día A2.- Cae El Sol / Planta A3.- Picnic En el 4to B / Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas / Mi Novia Tiene Bíceps A4.- Ella Usó, Un Misil A5.- Prófugos B1.- En Remolinos B2.- Planeador B3.- Persiana Americana B4.- Signos B5.- Un Millón De Años Luz C1.- Intro Luna Roja C2.- Luna Roja C3.- Crema De Estrellas C4.- Cuando Pase El Temblor C5.- Hombre Al Agua C6.- Sueles Dej...

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  • Under the Skin (LP)
    Levi, Mica
    A1.- Creation A2.- Lipstick To Void A3.- Andrew Void A4.- Meat To Maths A5.- Drift B1.- Lonely Void B2.- Bedroom B3.- Love B4.- Bothy B5.- Death B6.- Alien Loop ...

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  • Big Fish / O.S.T. (LP)
    Elfman, Danny
    A1.– Pearl Jam- Man Of The Hour A2.– Bing Crosby- Dinah A3.– Buddy Holly- Everyday A4.– Elvis Presley- All Shook Up A5.– The Vogues- Five O'Clock World A6.– The Allman Brothers Band- Ramblin' Man B1.– Canned Heat- Let's Work Together B2.– Danny Elfman- Pictures B3.– Danny Elfman- Big Fish (Titles) B4.– Danny Elfman- Shoe Stealing B5.– Danny Elfman- Underwater B6.– Danny Elfman-...

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