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  • Iron Man 2 ( 2 LP)
    AC / DC
    A1 Shoot To ThrillA2 Rock 'N' Roll DamnationA3 Guns For HireA4 Cold Hearted ManB1 Back In BlackB2 ThunderstruckB3 If You Want Blood (You've Got It)B4 Evil WalksC1 T.N.T.C2 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To BeC3 Have A Drink On MeC4 The Razors EdgeD1 Let There Be RockD2 War MachineD3 Highway To Hell ...

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  • Pink Panther, The / O.S.T.: Coloured...
    Mancini, Henry
    A1 The Pink Panther Theme A2 It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) (Instrumental) A3 Royal Blue 3:09A4 Champagne And Quail A5 The Village Inn A6 The Tiber Twist B1 It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) (Vocal) B2 Cortina B3 The Lonely Princess B4 Something For Sellers B5 Piano And Strings B6 Shades Of Sennett ...

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  • Dance of Reality, The/ O.S.T. (LP)
    Jodorowsky, Adan
    A1 Ice-CreamA2 The ClownsA3 TeosofoA4 Ibanez OrgasmA5 Carlito's DeathA6 The WaveA7 Shoes DanceA8 God Doesn't ExistA9 Los MinerosB1 BucefalosB2 Jaime & BucefaloB3 Bucefalo DiesB4 BodisuaB5 JoséB6 AquillesB7 The Midget ...

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  • Rainbow Bridge / O.S.T. (LP)
    Hendrix, Jimi
    A1 Dolly Dagger A2 Earth Blues A3 Pali Gap A4 Room Full Of Mirrors A5 Star Spangled Banner B1 Look Over Yonder B2 Hear My Train A Comin' B3 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) ...

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  • Peanuts Movie: Limited Edition, The (LP)
    Beck, Christophe / Trainor, Meghan
    A1 Vince Guaraldi Trio– Linus And LucyA2 Meghan Trainor– Better When I'm DancingA3 Flo Rida Feat. Fitz (5)– That's What I LikeA4 Vince Guaraldi Trio– SkatingA5 Vince Guaraldi Trio– Christmas Time Is HereB1 Christophe Beck– Snow DayB2 Christophe Beck– Fifi's ThemeB3 Christophe Beck– Charlie Brown In LoveB4 Christophe Beck– WingwalkingB5 Christophe Beck– The LibraryB6 Christophe ...

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  • Siesta / O.S.T. ( LP)
    Davis, Milles / Miller, Marcus

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  • + Bien / O.S.T. (LP)
    Cerati, Gustavo
    A1 La Costura De DiosA2 KuroA3 Es Solo Una IlusiónA4 ParacaídasA5 RegandoB1 La Costura De Dios V2B2 Símil ParaísoB3 Todos DuermenB4 LlegasteB5 Paisaje PorcelanaB6 + Bien (Peli Mix) ...

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  • Miles Ahead / O.S.T. (2 LP)
    Davis , Miles
    A1 Miles AheadA2 Dialogue: "It Takes A Long Time..."A3 So WhatA4 Taylor MadeA5 Dialogue: "Listen, You Talk Too Goddam Much..."A6 Solea (Excerpt)B1 Seven Steps to Heaven (Edit)B2 Dialogue: "If You Gonna Tell A Story..."B3 Nefertiti (Edit)B4 Frelon Brun (Brown Hornet)B5 Dialogue: "Sometimes You Have These Thoughts..."B6 Duran (Take 6 Edit)C1 Dialogue: "You Own My Mus...

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  • Evilenko / O.S.T. (LP)
    Badalamenti, Angelo / O´Riordan, Dolores
    A1 Angels Go To HeavenA2 Evilenko's Dark Fairy Tale A3 Inside The Lion's Mouth A4 Vadim's Neverending Quest A5 The Woodstrip / There's No Way OutB1 Holocaust Of The Children B2 Theme From Evilenko B3 Please Don't Look Into His Eyes B4 Russian Folk Prayer 1:29B5 The End Of A Madman B6 Angels Go To Heaven (Full Mix) ...

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire/ O.S.T. (LP)
    North, Alex / Heindorf, Ray
    A1.- Streetcar A2.- Four Deuces A3.- Belle Reeve A4.- Blanche A5.- Della Robia Blue B1.- Flores Para Los Muertos (Flowers For The Dead) B2.- Mania B3.- Lust B4,. Soliloquy B5.- Redemption ...

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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2 LP)
    Elfman, Danny
    A1.- Wonka's Welcome Song A2.- Augustus Gloop A3.- Violet Beauregarde A4.- Veruca Salt A5.- Mike Teavee A6.- Main Titles B1.- Wonka's First Shop B2.- The Indian Palace B3.- Wheels In Motion B4.- Charlie's Birthday Bar B5.- The Golden Ticket / Factory C1.- Chocolate Explorers C2.- Loompa Land C3.- The Boat Arrives C4.- The River Cruise C5.- First Candy C6.- Up And OutC7.- The R...

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  • It (2 LP)
    Wallfisch, Benjamin
    A1.- Every 27 Years A2.- Paper Boat A3.- Georgie, Meet Pennywise A4.- Derry A5.- River Chase A6.- Egg Boy A7.- Beverly A8.- Come Join The Clown, Eds B1.- You'll Float Too B2.- Slideshow B3.- Georgie's Theme B4.- 29 Neibolt Street B5.- Time To Float B6.- You'll Die If You Try C1.- Return to Neibolt C2.- Into The Well C3.- Pennywise's Tower C4- Deadlights C5.- Searching For Stanl...

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  • Mommie Dearest (LP)
    A1 Main Title A2 Of Shoes And Socks A3 My Darling Daughter A4 A Lovely Day (Not Featured In Film) A5 On Your Mark A6 The Little Star(Not Featured In Film) / Bye Bye Greg A7 Spoiled Children B1 Battle Axe B2 A Test Of Wills B3 No Wire Hangers (Not Featured In Film) B4 Uncle Daddy / She's Drunk / First Kiss B5 Home Again (Not Featured In Film) B6 No More Pain (Not Featured In Fil...

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  • Warcraft / O.S.T. Colored & Numbered...
    Djawadi, Ramin
    A1.- Warcraft A2.- The Horde A3.- Medivh A4.- Honor A5.- Forest Ambush B1.- Lothar B2.- Gul'dan B3.- The Beginning B4.- Strong Bones B5.- Victory And Defeat B6.- The Book C1.- Two Worlds Colliding C2.- The Incantantion C3.- Half Orc, Half Human C4.- Whatever Happens C5.- My Gift To You D1.- Llane's Solution D2.- Mak'gora D3.- For Azeroth ...

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road / O.S.T. (2 LP)
    Junkie XL
    A1.- Survive A2.- Escape A3.- Immortan's Citadel A4.- Blood Bag A5.- Spikey Cars B1.- Storm Is Coming B2.- We Are Not Things B3.- Water B4.- The Rig B5.- Brothers In Arms C1.- The Bog C1.- Redemption C3.- Many Mothers C4.- Claw Trucks D1.- Chapter Doof D2.- My Name Is Max D3.- Let Them Up ...

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  • A Pure Formality / O.S.T. Coloured &...
    Morricone, Ennio
    A1.- Breathlessly (A Perdifiato) A2.- Remembering (Ricordare) A3.- The Palace Of Nine Frontiers (Il Palazzo Delle Nove Frontiere) A4.-The Bum (Il Barbone) A5.- A Troublesome Clue (Ingombrante Indizio) A6.- Waiting For The Police Inspector (Aspettando Il Commissario) A7.- In Search Of Onoff (Alla Ricerca Di Onoff) A8.- An Odd Diary (Diario Bizzarro) A9.- Photos (Fotografie) A10....

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  • Fritz the Cat / O.S.T. (LP)
    Earland,Charles / Bogas, Ed / Shanklin,Ray / Tjader, Cal / Diddley, Bo
    A1. –Charles Earland - Black TalkA2.– Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin- Duke's ThemeA3.– Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin- Fritz The CatA4.– Cal Tjader- MambluesA5.– Bo Diddley- Bo DiddleyA6.– Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin- Bertha's ThemeB1.– Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin- WinstonB2.– Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin- House RockB3.– Ed Bogas And Ray Shanklin- The SynagogueB4.– Billie Holiday- YesterdaysB5....

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  • Stay Awake (2 LP)
    Various Artists
    Opening Medley ("I'm Getting Wet And I Don't Care At All") A1.a Ken Nordine With Bill Frisell And Wayne Horvitz– Hi Diddlee Dee Dee (An Actor's Life For Me) (From Pinocchio)A1.b Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe, Mark Bingham And The Roches– Little April Shower (From Bambi)A1.c Los Lobos– I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) (From Jungle Book)A2 Bonnie Raitt And Was (Not Was)– ...

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody / O.S.T. (2 LP)
    Queen / Smile / David Bowie /
    A1.- 20th Century Fox FanfareA2.- Somebody To LoveA3.-Doing All Right... RevisitedA4.- Keep Yourself Alive (Live At The Rainbow)A5.- Killer QueenA6.- Fat Bottomed Girls (Live In Paris)B1.- Bohemian RhapsodyB2.- Now I'm Here (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)B3.- Crazy Little Thing Called LoveB4.- Love Of My Life (Rock In Rio)C1.- We Will Rock You (Movie Mix)C2.- Another One Bites The ...

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  • Band of Brothers: 15th. Anniv. /O.S.T. (2 LP)
    Kamen, Michael
    A1.- Main Theme A2.- Band Of Brothers (Suite One) A3.- Band Of Brothers (Suite Two) Part One - Curahee'B1.- The Mission Begins Part Two - Day Of DaysB2.- Swamp Part Three - CarentanB3.- Spiers' Speech B4.- Fire On Lake Part Four - ReplacementsB5.- Parapluie B6.- Boy Eats Chocolate B7.- Bull's Theme Part Five - CrossroadsC1.- Winters On Subway Part Six - BastogneC2.- Headscarf P...

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  • Touch Of Evil / O.S.T. (LP)
    Mancini, Henry
    A1.- Main Title A2.- Orson Around A3.- Blue Pianola A4.- Son Of Raunchy A5.- Strollin' Blues A6.- Borderline Montuna A7.- Lease Breaker B1.- Tana's Theme B2.- Background For Murder B3.- Rock Me To Sleep B4.- Ku Ku B5.- Reflection B6.- The Big Drag ...

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  • Telstar: Sound Of The…(LP)
    1.- Telstar 2.- Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue 3.- Chasing Moonbeams 4.- Earthy 5.- Swinging Beefeater 6.- Theme From'a Summer Place' 7.- Love And Fury 8.- Dreamin On A Cloud 9.- Ridin' The Wind 10.- The Breeze And I 11.- Jungle Fever 12.- Popeye Twist ...

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  • Roma (2LP)
    1.- Tepeji 21 (The Sounds of Roma) - Ciudad de México 2.- Wing - Patti Smith 3.- Tarantula - Beck 4.- When I Was Older - Billie Eilish 5.- Psycho - Bu Cuarón 6.- On My Knees - UNKLE feat. Michael Kiwanuka 7.- Con el Viento - Jessie Reyez 8.- Marooned - EL -P and Wilder Zoby 9.- Cumbia del Borras - Sonido Gallo Negro 10.- La Hora Exacta - Quique Rangel 11.- Cleo Who Takes Care o...

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  • Garden State (2 LP)
    Coldplay / Shins / Zero 7
    A1.– Coldplay- Don't Panic A2.– The Shins- Caring Is Creepy A3.– Zero 7- In The Waiting Line A4.– The Shins- New Slang B1.– Colin Hay- I Just Don't Think I'll Get Over You B2.– Cary Brothers- Blue Eyes B3.– Remy Zero- Fair C1.– Nick Drake- One Of These Things First C2.– Thievery Corporation- Lebanese Blonde C3.– Simon & Garfunkel- The Only Living Boy In New York D1.– Iron And W...

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  • I'm Not There / O.S.T. (4 LP)
    Vedder, Eddie / Sufjan / Johnson, Jack / Tweedy, Jeff
    A1.– Eddie Vedder & The Million Dollar Bashers- All Along The Watchtower A2.– Sonic Youth- I'm Not There A3.– Jim James & Calexico- Goin' To AcapulcoA4.– Richie Havens- Tombstone Blues B1.– Stephen Malkmus & The Million Dollar Bashers- Ballad Of A Thin Man B2.– Cat Power- Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again B3.– John Doe (2)- Pressing On B4.–Yo La Tengo- Fourth ...

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  • Jesus Christ Superstar OST (2 LP)
    Legend, John / Cooper, Alice / Bareilles, Sara
    A1.- Overture A2.- Heaven On Their Minds A3.- What’s The Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying A4.- Everything’s Alright A5.- This Jesus Must Die A6.- Hosanna B1.- Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem B2.- Pilate’s Dream B3.- The Temple B4.- Everything’s Alright (Reprise) B5.- I Don’t Know How To Love Him B6.- Damned For All Time/Blood Money C1.- The Last Supper C2.- Gethsemane (I Only Want T...

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  • Monty Python & The Holy Grail: Executive...
    Monty Python
    A1 Bonus Track: The Trailer Of The A2 Introduction To The Executive Album EditionA3 Tour Of The Classic Silbury Hill TheatreA4 Live Broadcast From London Premiere Of The FilmA5 Narration From The Silbury Hill Gentlemen's Room / You're Using CoconutsA6 Bring Out Your DeadA7 King Arthur And The Old Woman: A Lesson In Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune LivingA8 A Witch?A9 A Less...

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  • Tonite Let's All Make Love In London /...
    Pink Floyd / Farlowe / Vashti
    A1 Pink Floyd– Interstellar Overdrive (Soundtrack Version)A2 Michael Caine– Interview 1 A3 Marquess Of Kensington*– Changing Of The Guard (Soundtrack Version)A4 Twice As Much– Night Time Girl (Soundtrack Version)A5 "Dolly Bird"*– Interview A6 Chris Farlowe– Out Of Time (Soundtrack Version)A7 Edna O'Brien– Interview B1 Pink Floyd– Interstellar Overdrive - Extract 1 (Soundtrack V...

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  • A life on our planet (LP)
    Attenborough, David
    A1 MistakesA2 To Have AdventuresA3 Evolution UnknownA4 The Wild is FiniteB1 The Whole of HumanityB2 The Process of ExtinctionsB3 A Shared ConscienceB4 Nothing to Stop UsB5 A Life's Talent for ChangeB6 An Unknown WorldC1 A Devastating ImpactC2 A Place Beyond ImaginationC3 My Witness StatementC4 I Would Feel GuiltyC5 We Must Rewild the WorldC6 A Greater OpportunityD1 Eternal Ener...

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  • Round Midnight / O.S.T. (LP)
    Hancock, Herbie
    A1 Round Midnight A2 Body And Soul A3 Berangere's Nightmare A4 Fair Weather A5 Una Noche Con Francis B1 The PeacocksB2 How Long Has This Been Going On? B3 Rhythm-A-Ning B4 Still Time B5 Minuit Aux Champs-Elysees B6 Chan's Song (Never Said) ...

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