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  • Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies...
    A stunning look at the creative process behind The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies—the third and final installment of one of the world's biggest motion picture franchises from Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson.Working closely with the film's production staff, the award-winning team at WETA brings together more than 240 pages of spectacular four-color visuals, ...

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  • Star Wars Art - Concept
    Chiang, Doug / Johnston, Joe
    From Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston to Doug Chiang, Ryan Church, Iain McCaig, Erik Tiemens, and the next generation of animation and video-game artists, Star Wars Art: Concept collects, for the first time ever, the very best Star Wars conceptual artwork. As curated by George Lucas, the artwork that helped bring the Star Wars Saga to life is revealed in all its glory, featurin...

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  • Art of Alice, The
    Berg, R.J. / McGee, American
    Legendary game designer American McGee created one of the most visually arresting games of all time in Alice. Eleven years later, McGee returns with a sequel just as groundbreaking as his critically acclaimed classic—Alice: Madness Returns!Dark Horse and Spicy Horse studio invite Alice fans to take a journey through the wonderland of American McGee's imagination for an un...

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  • Art of Rick and Morty, The
    Siliciano, James
    Featuring exclusive never before seen concept art with a killer Glow-in-the-Dark cover, this is the art book that Rick and Morty fans have been waiting for!The animated science-fiction adventures of Rick and Morty are irreverent, shocking, and hilarious--from the cynical and rapid-fire one liners, to the grotesquely and endearing character designs. Now, take a deep trans-dimens...

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  • Art of Solo a star wars story, The
    Szostak, Phil
    English The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story reveals, for the first time, the design evolution of each new fantastical set, otherworldly machine, and unforgettable character in the film. Packed with hundreds of spectacular images, including production paintings, concept art and sketches, storyboards, and matte paintings, The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story is the definitive guide ...

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  • Art of Wolfenstein, The - The new order
    Marshall, Dave

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  • Art of Frozen, The
    Solomon, Charles

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  • Digital art wonderland
    Sullins, Toball

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  • Pokemón: visual companion

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  • Art of Star Trek, The
    Bond, Jeff

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  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The

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  • Art of Oz the great and powerful, The
    Curtis, Grant

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  • Art of The Last of Us, The
    Naughty Dog
    Naughty Dog Studios and Dark Horse proudly present the essential companion to The Last of Us, a richly detailed and compelling game set in a postpandemic world where humans have become an endangered species. Featuring concept art, character designs, and astonishing settings and landscapes, The Art of The Last of Us provides a unique look at one of the gaming world's most eagerl...

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  • Art of Pixar, The
    Amidi, Amid
    Over the past 25 years, Pixar's team of artists, writers, and directors have shaped the world of contemporary animation with their feature films and shorts. From classics such as Toy Story and A Bug's Life to recent masterpieces such as Up, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2, this comprehensive collection offers a behind-the-scenes tour of every Pixar film to date. Featuring a foreword by...

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  • Art of assassin´s creed III, The
    McVittie, Andy

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  • Art of Bioshock infinite
    Levine, Ken
    In The Art of BioShock Infinite, delve deeper into the city of Columbia—the fabled floating metropolis that serves as a beacon of technology and achievement for the early 1900s! This deluxe hardcover features production designs and concept illustrations focusing on main characters Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, and Songbird from the BioShock Infinite video game. See the evolut...

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  • Sky, the - The art of final fantasy
    Amano, Yoshitak
    Dark Horse is pleased to offer fans another chance to own the three-book hardcover set The Sky I, II, and III, included in the new The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Slipcased Edition!The Sky I, II, and III showcase Amano's ethereal illustrations for the first ten Final Fantasy games! Each hardcover book in The Sky Slipcased Edition is 11 5/8" high by 10 5/8" wide, and printed o...

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  • Art of Full Metal Alchemist, The
    Arakawa, Hiromu
    Translated faithfully from the Japanese edition, this coffee table book contains all the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST color artwork by manga artist Hiromu Arakawa from 2001 to 2003. The Art of Fullmetal Alchemist contains over 90 pages of gorgeous painted illustrations, including all the title pages as printed in color in the Japanese magazine Shonen Gangan; Japanese tankobon (graphic n...

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