Women Of Ink, The: 16 International Tattoo Artists

Women Of Ink, The: 16 International Tattoo Artists

Bánfalvi, Ákos

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Become acquainted with 16 of the world’s most talented and highly influential female tattoo artists through interviews and more than 600 photographs of their best work. Discover insights into their inspiration, artistic motifs, tattooing methods, and opinions on the state of tattoo culture today and the importance of social media and attending conventions worldwide. In a rare break from their hard work, these women reflect on their journeys toward achieving their dreams of becoming artists, and draw you into their universe of beauty and acceptance. Hailing from Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Minnesota, New York, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, and beyond, these dedicated professionals aren’t bothered by the fact that men still outnumber women in today’s international tattoo industry. In fact, they embrace the imbalance and focus their energies instead on perfecting their techniques and connecting with their loyal customers.

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