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  • Paradise in Brazil
    Nabuco, Joaquim
    Head back to paradise with another tantalizing collection of images from Brazilian photographer Joaquim Nabuco. In more than 150 color and black and white images, the stunning women of Brazil grace equally beautiful tropical landscapes, including locations with mountains, jungles, beaches, and historical sites. There are even photographs that couple models with Brazil's indigen...

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  • International Steampunk Fashions
    Lewis, Lisa Griffiths
    Climb into your steam-powered time machine aircraft for a tour of the fashion world, steampunk style. This fashion backward collection features hundreds of intricate, creative, and visionary steampunk designs from top names in the business and fans from around the world. Presented in high-quality fashion photography, the looks in this compendium include head-to-toe Victorian-er...

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  • Plastic Novelties and Toys of the '40s,...
    Rossi, Jean
    If you grew up in the 1940s, '50s or '60s, you will surely recognize the delightful toys and figures that spring from these pages. Made of colorful, durable polystyrene plastic, these novelties were originally found in five and dime stores, hardware stores, and department store catalogs. Cheerful, inexpensive, and often holiday related, these are the things that dreams were mad...

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  • 25 (LP)
    Lado A1. Hello 2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)3. I Miss You4. When We Were Young5. RemedyLado B:1. Water Under The Bridge2. River Lea3. Love In The Dark 4. Million Years Ago5. All I Ask6. Sweetest Devotion ...

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  • Women Of Ink, The: 16 International Tattoo...
    Bánfalvi, Ákos
    Become acquainted with 16 of the world’s most talented and highly influential female tattoo artists through interviews and more than 600 photographs of their best work. Discover insights into their inspiration, artistic motifs, tattooing methods, and opinions on the state of tattoo culture today and the importance of social media and attending conventions worldwide. In a rare b...

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  • Alternative Movie Posters II
    Chojnacki, Matthew
    This second volume of cinematic eye candy further documents the quickly burgeoning underground film poster movement, a group of artists who challenge Hollywood's marketing machine by bringing clever artwork and design back to movie posters. Nearly 100 emerging artists, with a dozen returning favorites, present their newly produced images. Cinematic visual masters Jason Edmist...

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  • Smoke Over Steamtown
    Livesey, Dennis
    Through Dennis A. Livesey's camera lens, readers will experience the thrill of the steam railroad, a transportation system that dominated the USA for over 100 years and helped build a nation. In 131 photographs of Steamtown?a heritage railroad?see the billowing smoke and the flashing steel rods that turn enormous spoked wheels, hear the scream of the whistle, and listen as vete...

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  • Alvarado's Pin-up Nudes
    Alvarado, Robert
    Since Alvardo's Pin-Up Nudes was first published in 2013, it has become a bestseller in pin-up photography. In this second edition, Alvarado uses his trademark innovative technique to blur the line between photography and illustration. Relying on subtle costuming to add color, texture, humor, and homage to his images, Alvarado focuses on the female form in these 160+ pin-up nud...

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  • Calendar Girls, Sex Goddesses and Pin-Up...
    Ortner, Jon
    From one of the largest photographic pin-up collections in the world comes a stunning showcase of over 350 commercial pin-up images, many never before seen, from the 1940s, '50s and '60s. Reproduced with meticulous attention to detail, the evocative images include some of the most alluring and spellbinding women of the 20th century. From playful "girls next door" to Marilyn Mon...

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  • About Time
    Line, Ivar
    This celebration of high-end men's wristwatches is a collection of essays, timelines, and more than 250 color photographs. Aimed at collectors, watch enthusiasts, and anyone with an interest in fashion, the book ranges from in-depth looks at specific models, including classics and contemporary timepieces, to overviews of pilot's watches, diver's watches, and other watches devel...

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  • Future This (LP)
    Big Pink

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  • Bikini girls on the 1960's
    Yearçger, Bunny

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  • Alvarado's Cosplay Pin-ups

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  • 21 (LP)

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  • Classic Flash: In 5 bold colors
    McCulloch, Jeromey "Tilt"

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  • Classic Flash 2:: In 5 bold colors
    McCulloch, Jeromey "Tilt"

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  • Japanese tattooing now
    Mccabe, Michael
    Japanese men have been marked by tattoo artists for the past 300 years. Today's urbane Japanese youth continue the tradition, proudly creating and wearing this ever changing art form. Over 530 breathtaking color photos display a vast range of Japanese tattoos, from traditional full-body forms repleat with classical images steeped in symbolism, including Horimono, to modern One-...

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  • Chocolate Cheesecake: Celebrating the...
    Cox, Earnest L.
    Blending the style of the past with the women of the present, this book is a first-of-its-kind celebration of modern black pin-up beauty. Black pin-ups existed during the “Golden Age of Pin-ups,” but like other black artists of the time, they often did not receive the same attention as their white contemporaries. Although still rare, modern black pin-up models are getting more ...

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  • 50 Contemporary Women Artists
    Gosslee, John (Ed) / Zises, Heather (Ed)
    This one-of-a-kind compendium features a selection of women artists and architects who have made groundbreaking contributions to contemporary art. Profiling an international cross-section of artists, 50 Contemporary Women Artists presents fresh perspectives on feminism and notions of cultural power. Using a variety of mediums, the artists in this book address themes of social, ...

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