Big Book of Nature Art, The

Big Book of Nature Art, The

Zommer, Yuval

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Featuring twenty-two easy craft projects using natural and recycled materials, The Big Book of Nature Art is a fun and eco-friendly way for young children to connect creatively with nature.

From best-selling author Yuval Zommer, The Big Book of Nature Art is packed with easy art activities inspired by nature. Drawing on Zommer’s years of experience running art workshops for children, The Big Book of Nature Art includes his tips for stress-free ways to get creative with kids and fun facts about the natural world.

Each of the activities can be achieved in four simple steps using natural materials combined with recycled or found materials from around the home. With a total of twenty-two art activities, each requiring no more than a five-minute setup and cleanup, the crafts are easy to completeand fun for everyone involved. The book also encourages children to see the creative potential in the natural and everyday treasures all around us?from twigs, seed pods, petals, and leaves to pencil shavings, take-out cups, toilet-paper rolls, and more.

Little nature artists will enjoy making paper-plate birds, leaf bugs, coffee-cup owls, tree-bark bats, and schools of seashell fish, as well as scenes for their creatures to dwell in, from watery worlds to underground tunnels.

Illustrated in color throughout

Thames & Hudson
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