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  • Big Book of Nature Art, The
    Zommer, Yuval
    Featuring twenty-two easy craft projects using natural and recycled materials, The Big Book of Nature Art is a fun and eco-friendly way for young children to connect creatively with nature.From best-selling author Yuval Zommer, The Big Book of Nature Art is packed with easy art activities inspired by nature. Drawing on Zommer’s years of experience running art workshops for chil...

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  • 1001 Birds
    Rzezak, Joanna
    This engaging nonfiction picture book is a fun and informative read for children interested in learning about the lives of birds.We’re on an adventure with 1,001 birds! Join our many feathered friends as they flock to ponds, use trees as their homes, make their nests, and migrate to faraway places.1001 Birds is an engaging nonfiction account full of fascinating facts about bird...

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  • Gay Lives
    Aldrich, Robert
    A fascinating portrait of LGBTQ+ figures throughout time whose lives have influenced society at large, as well as today’s varied LGBTQ+ culture.Gay Lives gives a voice to more than eighty people from all over the world and from all walks of life. It is a fascinating portrait of LGBTQ+ people throughout time, whose lives have influenced society at large, as well as today’s varie...

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  • Reclaim the Street
    McLaren, Stephen / Stuart, Matt
    Featuring stunning imagery, this is a vibrant survey of the trends and talents fueling street photography today and a fresh take on what street photography can be.A world tour of the very best street photography today, Reclaim the Street showcases work from more than one hundred contemporary photographers, from the established to the emerging, from all corners of the globe.In R...

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  • Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon
    Furmanovsky, Jill / Powell, Aubrey
    March 2023 marks fifty years since the release of Pink Floyd's classic album The Dark Side Of The Moon. Designed by Pentagram to high specifications, this celebratory publication brims with rare and unseen photographs and reveals the visual conception of the original iconic album artwork. It will be a covetable package for the legions of Floyd fans out there – new and old.- Pre...

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  • Surrealists in New York
    Darwent, Charles
    In 1957 the American artist Robert Motherwell made an unexpected claim: ‘I have only known two painting milieus well, the Parisian Surrealists, with whom I began painting seriously in New York in 1940, and the native movement that has come to be known as "abstract expressionism", but which genetically would have been more properly called "abstract surrealism".’Motherwell’s bold...

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  • Norse Myths that Shape the Way We Think, The
    Larrington, Carolyne
    A fresh look at the stories at the heart of Norse mythology, exploring their cultural impact right up to the present dayThe heroes and villains of Norse mythology have endured for centuries, infiltrating art, opera, film, television and books, shape-shifting – like the trickster Loki – to suit the cultures that encountered them. Through careful analysis of the literature and ar...

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  • Red Carpet Oscars
    Mulhearn, Dijanna / Armani, Giorgio (intro.) / Blanchett, Cate (foreword)
    The red carpet is so much more than fabulous gowns on famous people. It reflects the styles and values of the time, and has become a platform for often trenchant social statements. Red Carpet: Oscars presents over ninety years of fashion worn at the awards ceremony since its inception in 1929. From ready-to-wear to haute couture, it charts what stars and invitees wore across th...

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  • Belle and Sebastian: Illustrated Lyrics
    Murdoch, Stuart / Tait, Pamela (illus.)
    Belle and Sebastian frontman and lyricist Stuart Murdoch invites Black Isle artist Pamela Tait to reinterpret twenty songs visually. Tait’s gentle and dreamlike characters evolve from the worlds of Murdoch’s songwriting, coming to life on the page in a creative exchange between two curious minds.Track Listing- If You’re Feeling Sinister- The Boy Done Wrong Again- The Rollercoas...

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  • A World History of Women Photographers
    Lebart, Luce / Robert, Marie
    "As in many fields of art history, the work of women photographers has often been overlooked, and few of their names are now widely recognized. However, women were closely involved in all major photography movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, and have used the camera as an extraordinary tool for emancipation and experimentation. These are artists who never stopped document...

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  • Big Book of Blooms, The
    Zommer, Yuval
    The newest addition to Yuval Zommer’s bestselling series answers these questions and more as it introduces young children to all kinds of colourful, carnivorous, weird and wonderful flowering plants from around the world. It opens with introductory spreads on how to be a botanist; how to recognise different types of flowers; the life-cycle of a plant; flower anatomy; and the se...

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  • Mumbling Beauty Louise Bourgeois
    Gelder, Alex Van
    From 2008 to 2010 Louise Bourgeois allowed Alex Van Gelder into her private world?her studio and home?and indulged his lens, while she worked, rested, waited?mischievous, or lost in thought, weary of decrepitude, raging, defiant to the end. She fills the camera with her presence. It is a profound portrait of an artist of the utmost consequence and a piercing study of extreme ag...

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  • Crucial Interventions
    Barnett, Richard
    The nineteenth century saw major advances in the practice of surgery. In 1750, the anatomist John Hunter described it as “a humiliating spectacle of the futility of science”; yet, over the next 150 years the feared, practical men of medicine benefited from a revolution in scientific progress and the increased availability of instructional textbooks. Anesthesia and antisepsis we...

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  • Egon Schiele
    Kallir, Jane
    Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele produced a prolific body of work before his early death at the age of twenty-eight in 1918. The oeuvre is comprised of a few hundred oil paintings and thousands of drawings and watercolors.Schiele's oils have often been reproduced and are well recognized. However, limited access to the fragile works on paper and dispersion among several colle...

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  • William Blake The Complete Illuminated Books
    Blake, William
    In his Illuminated Books, William Blake combined text and imagery on a single page in a way that had not been done since the Middle Ages. For Blake, religion and politics, intellect and emotion, mind and body were both unified and in conflict with each other: his work is expressive of his personal mythology, and his methods of conveying it were integral to its meaning. There is...

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  • Ancient Ivory
    Herrmann, Georgina
    British archeologist Austen Henry Layard discovered the first pieces of carved ivory at Nimrud in 1845, but it wasn’t until a century later that his countryman Max Mallowan revealed the astonishing number of ivory masterpieces at the first-millennium-BCE Assyrian capital in northern Iraq. Mallowan’s team unearthed thousands of ivories, probably made from the horn of the African...

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  • Death
    Ebenstein, Joanna
    Death is an inevitable fact of life. Throughout the centuries, humanity has sought to understand this sobering thought through art and ritual. The theme of memento mori informs medieval Danse Macabre, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Renaissance paintings of dissected corpses and "anatomical Eves," Gothic literature, funeral effigies, Halloween, and paintings of the Last Judgment....

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  • Paris Up, Up and Away
    Druvert, Helene
    The Eiffel Tower is bored ... so it decides to cut loose and fly over Paris! Sailing through the night air, it glides over the Seine; a short hop away, it's Opera. It weaves through the crowd and department stores, falls asleep in the sun, and wakes up to the jangling bells of Notre Dame. This beautifully crafted book, full of meticulous lasercuts, is a wonderfully imaginative ...

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  • Library of Trinity college Dublin, The
    Wright, Cory
    The Library at Trinity College Dublin dates back to the establishment of the college by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. The library is the largest in Ireland, containing more than 6.2 million volumes and an extensive collection of early manuscripts, including the internationally famous Book of Kells, which attracts around 1 million visitors annually from around the world. A visit to...

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  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti
    Mancoff, Debra N. (Ed.)
    Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), best known and admired for his striking and seductive portraits of women, was one of the founding members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a group of artists whose work is inspired by the art of the early Italian Renaissance. Rossetti's powerful and unconventional portraits, with their sumptuous, jewel-like colours, are explored in this bea...

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  • Van Eyck
    Martens, Maximiliaan
    Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck (c. 1390-1441) towered above his contemporaries. With his unprecedented technique, scientific knowledge and unparalleled powers of observation, Van Eyck lifted oil painting to previously unseen heights and helped determine the course of Western art.In 2020 the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent will host the largest ever exhibition of Van Eyck's work. An Opt...

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  • Dinosaurs
    Benton, Michael J.
    This book presents the first visualizations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles as they really looked. Up to now, colours were imaginary, but here we draw on the newest research to present stunning images where every detail of colour, pattern, feather, scale and scute are explained from first-hand evidence.Dinosaurs are not what you thought they were - or at least, they...

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  • Catholica
    Ivanic, Suzanna
    A clear, concise and detailed analysis of the eclectic and beautiful visual and material culture of Catholicism.Focusing on a carefully curated selection of Catholic art and artefacts, this book explains the meaning of the iconography and the mystic power of the faith's ritual objects. A wealth of often hidden symbols are identified and examined close up, building into a catalo...

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  • Raphael
    Joannides, Paul
    An authoritative introduction to one of the most influential painters in the history of art, written by the pre-eminent authority on the subject and informed by the latest research.More versatile and less idiosyncratic than Michelangelo, more prolific and accessible than his mentor Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, though he died at only thirty-seven, is considered the single most in...

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  • Rembrandt
    White, Christopher
    A classic monograph in the World of Art series, offering a a detailed insight into Rembrandt's life and work.Rembrandt is among the few Old Master artists to retain universal appeal among art lovers today, his striking self-portraits lauded the world over - yet he remains an elusive, enigmatic figure.Here, the distinguished art historian Christopher White carefully considers th...

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  • Vivian Maier
    Morin, Anne / Blumlinger, Christa / Marks, Ann
    A full-career retrospective on the work of Vivian Maier, bringing together a selection of key works from throughout her life and career. When Vivian Maier's archive was discovered in Chicago in 2007, the photography community gained an immense and singular talent. Maier lived in relative obscurity until her death in 2009, but is now the subject of films and books, and recognize...

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  • Art of the Illustrated Book, The
    Bryant, Julius
    This is the story of the illustrated book, from the earliest printed examples to the present day, told through the outstanding collections of the National Art Library (NAL) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.Throughout history, images have been used to reflect the meaning of words and to enhance our understanding of texts. This volume demonstrates the development of illu...

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  • Mid-Century Modern
    Bradbury, Dominic
    The ultimate collector’s resource, including hundreds of pieces by both well- and lesser-known designers from around the world. From armchairs and chaises lounges to cabinets and nightstands, the period between the late 1930s and early 1970s was one of the most productive, inventive, and exciting eras for objects and furniture in the home. Following 1945, when postwar optimism ...

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  • Totally Wired
    Gorman, Paul
    A raucous yet detailed look back at the evolution of the music press and the passionate rock and pop journalists who documented the sounds that changed our culture. Totally Wired charts the coming of age of music publications covering the contemporary bands, trends, and scene. This book offers a history of the journalists who described the wild landscape of the rise of rock and...

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  • Women in Design
    Massey, Anne
    Women designers have created some of the most important objects in history. By revealing the untold stories of female design pioneers, this wide-ranging introduction celebrates their crucial role in the history of modern processes of making.Arranged chronologically, this guide considers the structural barriers to professional success and how women overcame these hurdles, charti...

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