Anime Chef Cookbook, The

Anime Chef Cookbook, The

75 Iconic Dishes from Your Favorite Anime

Estero, Nadine

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Bring your favorite anime foods to life with 75 recipes—from traditional Japanese favorites to inventive recreations—that are easy to make, fun, and delicious.

Food plays an important role in anime, whether it is briefly shown in a slice-of-life scene or the entire plotline of an episode or even a series, and popular anime food creator Nadine Estero (@issagrill) has perfectly captured these favorite food moments. In The Anime Chef Cookbook, she brings 75 appetizers, mains, desserts, and drinks from the screen to your table so that you can enjoy the same foods as your favorite characters, with recipes including:

• Haikyuu!! steamed pork buns
• Food Wars! soufflé omelet
• Isekai Izakaya pork katsu sandwich
• My Hero Academia cold soba
• March Comes in Like a Lion pampered udon
• Dragon Ball Z meat lover's meat feast
• Kiki's Delivery Service chocolate cake
• Your Name strawberry pancakes with macarons
• Clannad starfish scones
• Laid-Back Camp hot buttered rum cow
• and much more!

Along with the easy-to-follow recipes are stunning anime-style food illustrations and information about the exact episodes that feature the foods, allowing The Anime Chef Cookbook to immerse you in your favorite animated worlds while satisfying your appetite.

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