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  • Mundo según Yves Saint Laurent, El
    Mauriès, Patric / Napias, Jean-Christophe
    Las frases célebres del legendario diseñador Yves Saint Laurent sobre alta costura, mujer, estilo y elegancia, en un precioso formato. Fundada por Yves Saint Laurent y Pierre Bergé en 1962, poco después de que el joven modista dejara su puesto al frente de Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent se convirtió en una de las casas de alta costura más exitosas e influyentes de París. Co...

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  • World According to Yves Saint Laurent, The
    Napias, Jean-Christophe / Mauriès, Patrick
    Legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent’s maxims on haute couture, women, style, and elegance, presented in an attractive gift format.Founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1962, shortly after the young couturier left his post at the helm of Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent would soon become one of the most successful and influential haute couture houses in Paris. In...

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  • World According to Coco, The
    Napias, Jean-Christophe
    French couturiere Coco Chanel has achieved legendary status across the world and continues to captivate young generations of fashion fans who eagerly collect and share her quotes, creations and insights.A close friend of some of the leading wits and writers of her days (from Jean Cocteau to poet Pierre Reverdy), Coco Chanel was fierce and uncompromising in her pronouncements on...

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