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  • Letters to His Neighbor
    Proust, Marcel / Davis, Lydia
    Marcel Proust's genius for illuminating pain is on spectacular display in this recently discovered trove of his correspondence, Letters to His Neighbor. Already suffering from noise within his cork-lined walls, his poor soul was not ready for the fresh hell when his neighbor Dr. Williams married a widow with small children.Chiefly to Mrs. Williams, these ever-polite letters (of...

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  • Extracting the Stone of Madness Poems...
    Pizarnik, Alejandra
    Revered by the likes of Octavio Paz and Roberto Bolano, Alejandra Pizarnik is still a hidden treasure in the U.S. Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962 1972 comprises all of her middle to late work, as well as a selection of posthumously published verse. Obsessed with themes of solitude, childhood, madness and death, Pizarnik explored the shifting valences of the self and...

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  • Nausea
    Sartre, Jean-Paul
    Nausea is the story of Antoine Roquentin, a French writer who is horrified at his own existence. In impressionistic, diary form he ruthlessly catalogs his every feeling and sensation. His thoughts culminate in a pervasive, overpowering feeling of nausea which “spreads at the bottom of the viscous puddle, at the bottom of our time ? the time of purple suspenders and broken chair...

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  • Cantos of Ezra Pound, The
    Pound, Ezra
    Delmore Schwartz said about The Cantos: "They are one of the touchstones of modern poetry." William Carlos WIlliams said "[Pound] discloses history by its odor, by the feel of it?in the words; fuses it with the words, present and past, to MAKE his Cantos. Make them."Since the 1969 revised edition, the Italian Cantos LXXII and LXXIII (as well as a 1966 fragment concluding the wo...

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  • Besieged City, The
    Lispector, Clarice
    Lucrécia Neves is ready to marry.Her suitors—soldierly Felipe, pensive Perseu,dependable Mateus—are attracted to her tawdry not-quite-beauty, which is of a piece with São Geraldo, the rough-and-ready township she inhabits.Civilization is on its way to this place, where wild horses still roam. As Lucrécia is tamed by marriage, São Geraldo gradually expels its horses; and as the ...

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  • Emperors tomb, The
    Roth, Joseph
    The Emperor's Tomb - the last novel Joseph Roth wrote - is a haunting elegy to the vanished world of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and a magically evocative paean to the passing of time and the loss of hope. The Emperor's Tomb runs from 1913 to 1938, from the eve of one world war to the eve of the next, from disaster to disaster. Striped with beauty and written in short propulsi...

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  • Complete Stories
    Lispector, Clarice
    Here, gathered in one volume, are the stories that made Clarice a Brazilian legend. Originally a cloth edition of eighty-six stories, now we have eighty- nine in all, covering her whole amazing career, from her teenage years to her deathbed. In these pages, we meet teenagers becoming aware of their sexual and artistic powers, humdrum housewives whose lives are shattered by unex...

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  • Dinner
    Aira, César / Silver, Katherine
    Was it a nightmare?the result of a bad case of indigestion?or did something truly scary happen after dinner in the Argentine town of Coronel Pringles?One Saturday night a bankrupt bachelor in his sixties and his mother dine with a wealthy friend. They discuss their endlessly connected neighbors. They talk about a mysterious pit that opened up one day, and the old bricklayer who...

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  • Passion According to G.H., The
    Lispector, Clarice
    Lispector’s most shocking novel.The Passion According to G.H., Clarice Lispector’s mystical novel of 1964, concerns a well-to-do Rio sculptress, G.H., who enters her maid’s room, sees a cockroach crawling out of the wardrobe, and, panicking, slams the door ?crushing the cockroach ?and then watches it die. At the end of the novel, at the height of a spiritual crisis, comes the m...

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  • Once Again for Thucydides
    Handke, Peter
    Once Again for Thucydides is a collection of seventeen micro-epics written on trips around the world. In each brief journal entry, Handke concentrates on small things he observes, trying to capture their essence, their simple, unadorned validity. What results is a work or remarkable precision, in which he uncovers the general appearance of random objects and discovers their inn...

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  • A Season in Hell & The Drunken Boat
    Rimbaud, Arthur
    Rimbaud originally distributed A Season In Hell to friends as a self-published booklet, and soon afterward, at the age of nineteen, quit poetry altogether. New Directions's edition was among the first to be published in the U.S., and it quickly became a classic. Rimbaud's famous poem "The Drunken Boat" was subsequently added to the first paperbook printing. Allen Ginsberg procl...

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  • Orpheus Descending and Suddenly Last Summer
    Williams, Tennessee
    Orpheus Descending is a love story, a plea for spiritual and artistic freedom, as well as a portrait of racism and intolerance. When charismatic drifter Valentine Xavier arrives in a Mississippi Delta town with his guitar and snakeskin jacket, he becomes a trigger for hatred and a magnet for three outcast souls: storekeeper Lady Torrance, "lewd vagrant" Carol Cutrere, and relig...

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  • Nostalgia
    Cartarescu, Mircea
    Mircea Cartarescu, born in 1956, is one of Romania's leading novelists and poets. This translation of his 1989 novel Nostalgia, writes Andrei Codrescu, introduces to English a writer who has always had a place reserved for him in a constellation that includes the Brothers Grimm, Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, Bruno Schulz, Julio Cortazar, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Milan Kundera,...

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  • Collected Poems of William Carlos...
    Williams, William Carlos
    Considered by many to be the most characteristically American of our twentieth-century poets, William Carlos Williams "wanted to write a poem / that you would understand / ,,,But you got to try hard—."So that readers could more fully understand the extent of Williams' radical simplicity, all of his published poetry, excluding Paterson, was reissued in two definite volumes, of w...

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  • Antipoems: How to Look Better & Feel Great
    Parra, Nicanor
    The first major collection in almost twenty years of new work by one of Latin America's greatest poets."Real seriousness," Nicanor Parra, the antipoet of Chile, has said, rests in "the comic." And read in that light, this newest collection of his work is very serious indeed. It is an abundant offering of his signature mocking humor, subverting received conventions and pretensio...

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  • All Fires the Fire
    Cortazar, Julio
    A traffic jam outside Paris lasts for weeks. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro meet on a mountaintop during the Cuban Revolution. A flight attendant becomes obsessed with a small Greek island, resulting in a surreal encounter with death. In All Fires the Fire, Julio Cortázar (author of Hopscotch and the short story "Blow-Up" ) creates his own mindscapes beyond space and time, where ...

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  • Antigonick
    Carson, Anne
    Anne Carson has published translations of the ancient Greek poets Sappho, Simonides, Aiskhylos, Sophokles and Euripides. Antigonick is her seminal work. Sophokles' luminous and disturbing tragedy is here given an entirely fresh language and presentation. This paperback edition includes a new preface by the author, "Dear Antigone." ...

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  • Theatre of Tennessee Williams Volume II The
    Williams, Tennessee
    "The Theatre of Tennessee Williams" brings together in a matching format the plays of a genius of the American theatre. Arranged in chronological order, this ongoing series includes the original cast listings and production notes. ...

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  • While the Women Are Sleeping
    Marias, Javier
    Slippery figures in anomalous situations - ghosts, spies, bodyguards, criminals- haunt these stories by Javier Marías: the characters come bearing their strange and special secrets, and never leave our minds. In one story, a man obsessed with his much younger lover endlessly videotapes her every move, and then confides his surprising plans for her; in another, a ghost can't sto...

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  • Battles in the Desert
    Pacheco, José Emilio
    This landmark novella--one of the central texts of Mexican literature, is eerily relevant to our current dark times--offers a child's-eye view of a society beset by dictators, disease, and natural disasters, set in "the year of polio, foot-and-mouth disease, floods." A middle-class boy grows up in a world of children aping adults (mock wars at recess pit Arabs against Jews), wh...

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  • Theatre of Tennessee Williams Volume I, The
    Williams, Tennessee
    "The Theatre of Tennessee Williams" brings together in a matching format the plays of one of America's most influential and innovative dramatists. Arranged in chronological order, this ongoing series includes the original cast listings and production notes. ...

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  • Divorce, The
    Aira, Cesar
    The Divorce tells about a man who takes a vacation from Providence, R.I. in early December to avoid conflicts with his newly divorced wife and small daughter. He travels to Buenos Aires and there, one afternoon, he encounters a series of the most magical coincidences. While sitting at an outdoor café, absorbed in conversation with a talented video artist, a young man with a bic...

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  • White Spaces
    Auster, Paul
    White Spaces gathers the poetry and prose of Paul Auster from various small-press books issued throughout the seventies. These early poetic works are crucial for understanding the evolution of Auster's writing. Taut, lyrical, and always informed by a powerful and subtle music, his poems begin with basics--a swallow's egg, stones, roots, thistle, "the glacial rose"--and push lan...

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  • An Accidental Autobiography
    Corso, Gregory
    Fabulous letters from the vagabond Beat poet to his friendsamong them Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. For all his charm and intelligence poet Gregory Corso lived a vagabond life. He never held down a regular job. He rarely stayed very long under the same roof. He spent long stretchessome as long as four or five yearsabroad. Many of his letters came from EuropeFrance, ...

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  • Interviews with William Carlos Williams
    Wagner, Linda (Ed.)
    “Not after the establishment, but speaking straight ahead.” This is how William Carlos Williams referred to his own forthrightness as well as his practice of using only American speech patterns in his poems. In Interviews with William Carlos Williams, Linda Wagner of the English Department, Michigan State University, has assembled Dr. Williams’s most important public statements...

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  • Residence on Earth
    Neruda, Pablo
    In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Pablo Neruda's birth, New Directions is pleased to announce the reissue of a classic work in a timeless translation by Donald D. Walsh and fully bilingual. Residence on Earth is perhaps Neruda's greatest work. Upon its publication in 1973, this bilingual publication instantly became a revolution... a classic by which masterpieces are j...

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  • Long Live Man
    Corso, Gregory
    Long live Man! sings the poet Gregory Corso--despite atom bombs and computers, cold wars that get hot and togetherness that isn't, too many cars and too little love...and in these poems he celebrates the wonders (and the laughs and griefs) of being a man alive. Whether he is musing on antic glories amid the ruins of the Acropolis or watching a New York child invent games on the...

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  • Myths & Texts
    Snyder, Gary
    The three sequences in the book--Logging, Hunting, Burning--show the remarkable cohesiveness in Snyder's writings over the years, for we find the poet absorbed, then as now, with Buddhist and Amerindian lore and other interconnections East and West, but above all with the premedical devotion to the land and work. ...

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  • Shooting Gallery, The
    Tsushima, Yuko
    The eight powerful stories of The Shooting Gallery examine the lives of single women coping with motherhood, passion, jealousy, and the tug-of-war between responsibility and entrapment.An unwed mother arranges for her children to meet their father, who is a stranger to them. A woman confronts the "other woman" in her lover's life. A young single mother on an outing to the seasi...

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  • A Tomb for Anatole
    Mallarmé, Stéphane
    One of the most moving accounts of a man trying to come to grips with modern death that is to say, death without God, death without hope of salvation and it reveals the secret meaning of Mallarme's whole aesthetic: the elevation of art to the stature of religion. Paul Auster, from the Introduction The great French Symbolist poet Stephane Mallarme (1842-1898), who changed the co...

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