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  • Deadpool: Epic Collection
    Kelly, Joe / Ostrander, John / Lee, Stan
    Joe Kelly's riotous, character-defining run continues! Deadpool battles the revamped Great Lakes Avengers - but can he and Blind Al escape the past when they're hurled into the pages of a Silver Age Spider-Man story?! Then, as T-Ray and Typhoid Mary continue to torment Deadpool, will X-Force's Siryn help save him from his own self-destructive tendencies? As Wade inches closer t...

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  • Deadpool By Alyssa Wong Vol. 2
    Wong. Alyssa / Pina, Javier (il.) / Zagaria, Luigi (il.)
    Love is in the air as Deadpool takes his new romance, Valentine Vuong, out on the town! Unfortunately, bullets, blades and explosive devices are also in the air - since both of them have enemies who want them dead! What do trained killers do when trained killers try to kill them? Naturally, they try to kill those trained killers first! After all of this, Wade Wilson will need a...

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1
    Lanzing, Jackson / Kelly, Collin / Walker, Kev / Checchetto, Marco
    A Guardians story like no other! One year ago, the Guardians of the Galaxy were torn apart - their optimistic future shattered by the betrayal of one of their own. Now they ride the space lanes of a lawless corner of the galaxy, trying to outrun their tragedy. Can they forgive the failures of their past? Or will they fade into the dark, eternally unforgiven? Caught in the middl...

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  • Spider-Man No Way Home
    Harrold, Jess
    For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked - and no longer able to separate his life as a high school kid from the high-stakes world of being a super hero! Caught in the spotlight, Peter must now deal with the fallout of his identity being exposed, all while applying to college and trying to enjoy his senior year with M...

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  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022). Vol. 1
    Ziglar, Cody / Vicentin, Federico (illus.)
    Collects Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) #1-5.Someone's not walking away from this one! Spider-Man faces the strongest super-powered foes and most dangerous gauntlets the Multiverse can throw his way. And every time Miles Morales falls, he rises again - stronger than before. Until now. There are some punches you don't get up from, and a new villain isn't pulling a single one a...

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  • Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt
    Dematteis, J.M. / Messias, Eder (illus.)
    J.M. DeMatteis returns to uncover the origins of Kraven the Hunter! In "Kraven's Last Hunt," the acclaimed writer delivered the definitive tale of one of Spider-Man's deadliest foes. Now, revealing secrets and answering mysteries Spidey fans have been waiting for, this is the story of what made Kraven the man he is - in a tale set just after SPIDER-MAN: THE FINAL ADVENTURE, whe...

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  • Deadpool By Alyssa Wong Vol. 1
    Wong. Alyssa / Pina, Javier (il.) / Zagaria, Luigi (il.)
    Marvel's top merc is back is business and better than ever! We all know Wade Wilson is one of the leading guns-for-hire in the Marvel Universe (even if he is simultaneously the most annoying one), but now he's pushing to make that recognition official. Deadpool is auditioning for the elite group of assassins known as the Atelier, and he has 48 hours to kill one of the world's m...

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  • Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Vol. 1
    Taboo / Earl, B. / Ferreyra, Juan
    A revolutionary dark take on Spider-Man! What is reality and what is dream? What is science and what is magic? At the intersection of these crossroads stands the Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter Parker travels to Los Angeles, but what he finds are definitely not angels. The demons waiting there will test him like never before. And one demon in particular ? a very famous on...

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  • Daredevil & Elektra. Vol 1
    Zdarsky, Chip / Checchetto, Marco (illus.) / De Latorre, Raphael (illlus.)
    Collects Daredevil (2022) #1-5.After Devil's Reign comes the dawn! In the wake of Wilson Fisk's violent and visceral last act, it's a new era for New York and the Man Without Fear! Matt Murdock has no choice but to leave behind everything he's ever known, and Elektra is the last vestige of his former life. Everything Matt thought he knew about what it meant to be Daredevil is a...

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  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Vol. 8
    Ahmed, Saladin / Allen, Christopher (illus.)
    Miles Morales and Shift embark on an interdimensional quest! Their first stop is Brooklyn - but not the one they know. They're entering the Empire of the Spider! Prepare to discover a horrific timeline where Miles' clone Selim rules with an iron fist! The only thing standing in the way of this evil Spider-Man's oppressive regime is a rebellion led by some familiar faces: Genera...

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  • Spider-Man: Spider-Verse
    Lee, Stan
    In a whole Spider-Verse of spectacular super heroes, you just can't beat the original, friendly neighborhood Spider--Man! Celebrate the ever--amazing Peter Parker and his crazy, nonstop life with these sensational adventures in web--slinging! First, discover--along with Peter -- why with great power, there must also come great responsibility in an all--action retelling of Spide...

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  • Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond. Vol. 4
    Gleason, Patrick / Wells, Zeb / Thompson, Kelly / Bagley, Mark (illus.)
    The finale of "Beyond" is here! Ben Reilly, the Beyond Corporation's officially licensed and sponsored Spider-Man, has been put through more than any web-slinger before him. And after the Queen Goblin's first shocking encounter with Ben, she now faces the Black Cat! It's a showdown for the ages, and you're about to see just how horrifying this queen's reign will be! When the Da...

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  • Wolverine by Benjamin Percy. Vol. 1
    Percy, Benjamin / Kubert, Adam (illus.) / Bogdanovic, Viktor (illus.) / Eaton, Scot (illus.)
    The best is back! Wolverine has been through a lot. He’s been a hero and a killer. An X-Man and an Avenger. He’s been to hell and back. Now as the nation of Krakoa brings together all mutantkind, can Wolverine finally be...happy? Or, now that he finally has everything he ever wanted, does he suddenly have everything to lose? Old enemies cause new problems, including Omega Red, ...

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  • Doctor Strange Omnibus. Vol. 1: New Printing
    Lee, Stan / Ditko, Steve
    Vain, greedy and prideful, Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-renowned surgeon until a car accident crippled his hands. Broken and destitute, he journeyed to Tibet in search of a legendary healer. He found not a man of medicine, but the venerable Ancient One - and the path to the mystic arts! Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created new dimensions and otherworldly terrors - stories that r...

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  • Ms. Marvel: Something New
    The malleable Ms. Marvel continues her hero's journey as an enemy from her past begins targeting those closest to her -- a challenge that calls into question everything about Kamala Khan. Not just as a super hero, but as a human being! Who can Ms. Marvel trust with everyone in Jersey City against her...and a new crimefighter moving in on her turf? Meanwhile, Bruno may be far aw...

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  • Iron Man Vol. 2
    Cantwell, Christopher
    After receiving a near-fatal injury from Korvac, Tony Stark lands in emergency triage with his life on the line. If he takes off his armor, he will die! With Hellcat on the psychological ropes and Tony's other allies recuperating from their own near-death experiences, can Iron Man muster the mettle he needs to chase Korvac back into space and stop the mad demigod's quest for ul...

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  • Captain Marvel Vol. 6
    Thompson, Kelly
    Swipe right, Captain Marvel! Devastated by her breakup with Rhodey, Carol can't seem to get back into her groove. Sure, monsters are still getting punched, but things are also getting missed...and boy oh boy is she grouchy. Before Carol can drive her friends fully insane, they stage an intervention that looks a hell of a lot like speed dating. With friends like these, who needs...

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  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Crisis on...
    Englehart / Thomas
    Hulk takes a trip to Counter-Earth where he confronts his most-hated enemy--Bruce Banner! Add in the Rhino and the Abomination and the action and drama can't be contained. Then, he heads north to Canada where the X-Men's Mimic returns and the Wendigo makes his first appearance. The drama continues when Betty Ross is mutated into the Harpy. Next, the Green Goliath sets out on a ...

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  • Ms. Marvel: Game Over
    G. Willow Wilson
    A new chapter begins for Kamala Khan! But it's lonely out there for Ms. Marvel when loved ones no longer have her back. It's time for Kamala to find out exactly who she is on her own! But soon her home life, costumed life and online life will converge when a member of her World of Battlecraft guild reveals that he's discovered her secret identity! He knows a disturbing number o...

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  • Captain America Epic Collection: the Captain
    Mark Gruenwald / Bob Layton / David Michelinie
    O Captain, my Captain! When Steve Rogers refuses to become a government operative, he's stripped of his uniform and shield -- and a new Captain America is appointed! John Walker, formerly known as the Super-Patriot, does his best to fill the big shoes that Rogers left behind. But can the volatile Walker handle the pressure, especially after his parents are caught in the crossfi...

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  • Marvel Portfolio: Inhyuk Lee
    South Korean sensation InHyuk Lee has wowed comic book collectors with dynamic cover art that leaps off the shelves! The illustrator and concept artist's work includes stunning renderings of many of Marvel's most powerful heroes, including the Avengers, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Venom, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and many more! Lee's ultra-modern style made him th...

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  • Marvel-Verse: She-Hulk
    Lee, Stan
    She may have started out Savage, but there's no doubt that She-Hulk is the most Sensational hero in all the Marvel-Verse -- and these are the adventures that prove it! Discover how a life-saving blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, led to a green-skinned transformation for lawyer Jennifer Walters! As the emerald attorney interviews for a new law firm, Jen meets the ...

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  • Captain America's Bicentennial Battles:...
    Kirby, Jack
    The Marvel Treasury Edition that celebrated 200 years of the United States of America is back, as big as life and better than ever! From the unparalleled imagination of Jack Kirby, it's a time-spanning adventure featuring Captain America on an incredible journey through his nation's past -- from the American Revolution through two World Wars...and more! Steve Rogers meets major...

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  • Marvels Snapshots
    Kurt Busiek / Alan Brennert / Evan Dorkin / Sarah Dyer / Mark Russell / Jay Edidin / Howard Chaykin / Barbara Randall Kesel
    Curator Kurt Busiek and an awesome assemblage of talent celebrate the history of the House of Ideas with a series of snapshot tales featuring some of our greatest heroes - as seen through the wide eyes of ordinary residents of the Marvel Universe! From the Sub-Mariner fighting in World War II to the dawn of the Marvel Age, to the very different conflict of the superhuman Civil ...

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  • Avengers of the Wastelands
    Brisson, Ed / Scharf, Jonas
    A new story from the world of OLD MAN LOGAN! In a future where America's super heroes fell at the Red Skull's hands over 50 years ago, a new force rises in the Wastelands! Dani Cage wields mighty Mjolnir for the cause of peace, but the Avengers may assemble once more when Doctor Doom's brutal regime forces Dwight--the owner of the surviving Ant--Man technology--together with Da...

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  • Avengers: Live Kree or Die
    The Kree Empire has fallen - and the Lunatic Legion blames the Avengers! Seeking vengeance, this rogue Kree faction plans to destroy Earth with a massive Nega-Bomb. Can the Avengers locate the fanatics and defuse the situation before the clock ticks down? Meanwhile, the enigmatic Collector has a secret scheme all his own - to kidnap as many Avengers as possible! Years later, th...

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  • Captain America: The Complete Collection
    Wilson, Sam
    Sam Wilson takes flight as the soaring Sentinel of Liberty - Captain America! Handed the shield by Steve Rogers himself, the former Falcon is joined by new partner Nomad to tackle threats including the fearsome Scarecrow, Batroc and Baron Zemo's newly ascendant Hydra! But stepping into Steve's boots isn't easy -and Sam soon finds himself on the outs with both his old friend and...

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  • Unworthy Thor, The
    Aaron, Jason
    Unfit to lift his hammer, and with someone else now wielding the power of Thor, the Odinson's desperate quest to regain his worthiness takes him out into the cosmos--where he's learned of the existence of a mysterious other Mjolnir! This ultimate weapon, a relic from a dead universe, is the key to his redemption--but some of the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe are anxi...

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  • Miles Morales Vol. 2
    Bendis, Brian Michael / Pichelli, Sara (illus.)
    Miles Morales has only been in the Marvel Universe for a few weeks, and he's already finding himself in the middle of a war. Which side will Miles choose?! COLLECTING: SPIDER-MAN 6-10 ...

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  • FF (Vol. 3)
    Hickman, Jonathan / Bobillo, Juan
    We've teased it for years; now, discover exactly how Dr. Doom and the Future Foundation will save us all. The battle between the Council of Reeds and the Future Foundation extends through the Bridge &emdash; and spills over into the world now controlled by the Mad Celestials. At long last, find out why "All Hope Lies in Doom!" Collecting FF #12-16. Penciller (cover):Steve Eptin...

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