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  • Marvel-Verse: Hawkeye
    Jeff Parker / Mark Gruenwald / David Michelinie / Kelly Thompson
    Hawkeye is the best shot in the whole Marvel-Verse -- watch him hit the bull's eye in these action-packed adventures! Hawkeye proves his worth to the Avengers as they battle the Masters of Evil, and shares a team-up with Iron Man when the Mad Thinker wreaks havoc! Clint Barton's past collides with his future in his momentous first meeting with Mockingbird! But will the Avenging...

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  • Captain America Epic Collection: the Captain
    Mark Gruenwald / Bob Layton / David Michelinie
    O Captain, my Captain! When Steve Rogers refuses to become a government operative, he's stripped of his uniform and shield -- and a new Captain America is appointed! John Walker, formerly known as the Super-Patriot, does his best to fill the big shoes that Rogers left behind. But can the volatile Walker handle the pressure, especially after his parents are caught in the crossfi...

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  • Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle
    Michelinie, David

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  • Many Hosts of Carnage, The
    Michelinie, David
    Serial killer Cletus Kasady isn't the only one to bond with Venom's sadistic offspring, Carnage! In fact, there's a whole host of hosts - and they're all here! First, Jonah's son John Jameson succumbs to the symbiote, until Ben Reilly offers a more tempting meal - becoming Spider-Carnage! But the cosmic Silver Surfer may prove the most appetizing host yet! Dr. Tanis Nieves take...

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