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  • New Queer Photography
    Wolbergs, Benjamin (Ed.)
    This book is all about fearless queer photography. i-D / Vice Art, more than anything, opens up the possibility of approaching one's own sexuality beyond the limits imposed by taboos. Not only does it allow for a risk-free, playful exploration of gender and forbidden desires, but it is unique in capturing its contradictions. In recent years, a young and active queer photography...

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  • Discrepancies
    Gross, Alex
    Frederick Douglass, a Centaur, serpents, Christ, and an assortment of mythical beasts are just some of the characters that appear within the world of Alex Gross s lush, incongruous paintings in Discrepancies. Historical figures coexist with fashionable men and women, often on their cell phones, and frequently set in landscapes that simultaneously invoke both Gothic Flemish Art ...

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  • Zerofriends
    Zerofriends Collective
    Throughout history, in fables and even in pop culture, every underdog has possessed one vital asset that led to their success: passion. The same can be said about the art and apparel brand Zerofriends. Originally consisting of a small group of imaginative artists who shared the same desire to create obscure, unique, and borderline demented artwork, Zerofriends has grown into an...

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  • Where's Bksy
    Tapies, Xavier
    Wheres Banksy? fully captures the drama of this illustrious artist's exploits on the world stage with clever chronologically-arranged maps. The only survey that looks at Banksy's entire street art career, from his earliest works in 2002 through Dismaland and to the present, the book details his most significant works one piece at a time, with photos and in-depth analysis of the...

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  • Juxtapoz Tattoo
    Foreman, Adam / McWatt, Alex / Krak, Bert / O'Donnell, Chris / Trocchio, Daniel / Halbriter, Dennis / Quinters, Eli / Campise, George / et. al.
    The second book in an ongoing series from the seminal West Coast art and culture magazine, Juxtapoz Tattoo focuses on a subject very dear to the inked hearts of its readers.Most of the featured artists came up at the beginning of Tattoo’s modern renaissance in the mid 1990’s, hungry for a new approach, but steeped nonetheless in the traditions of their craft. Whether these gift...

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  • Desperately Seeking Banksy
    Tapies, Xavier
    Explore the geography of genius in Desperately Seeking B**ksy, a pocket-sized, smaller sibling of Wheres B**ksy that illuminates the interaction between artist and space. Where its predecessor featured in-depth analysis of each piece displayed, Desperately Seeking B**ksy offers accessibility and brevity for the more casual fan. The maps are streamlined, and analysis has been re...

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  • Juztapoz Illustration
    Groebner, Kim

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