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  • Desperately Seeking Banksy
    Tapies, Xavier
    Explore the geography of genius in Desperately Seeking B**ksy, a pocket-sized, smaller sibling of Wheres B**ksy that illuminates the interaction between artist and space. Where its predecessor featured in-depth analysis of each piece displayed, Desperately Seeking B**ksy offers accessibility and brevity for the more casual fan. The maps are streamlined, and analysis has been re...

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  • Where's Bksy
    Tapies, Xavier
    Wheres Banksy? fully captures the drama of this illustrious artist's exploits on the world stage with clever chronologically-arranged maps. The only survey that looks at Banksy's entire street art career, from his earliest works in 2002 through Dismaland and to the present, the book details his most significant works one piece at a time, with photos and in-depth analysis of the...

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