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  • Queer Film Guide, The
    Turner, Kyle
    Have you noticed something about every "100 Greatest Movies Ever Made" list? The people in those movies... they’re almost all straight, white men. With so much incredible cinema to choose from, those lists only begin to peer into the cinematic and wider world.It’s time to push past the gatekeepers of what makes a movie "great" or "culturally significant" and get a broader view ...

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  • Art of the Lips
    Haggerty, Vlada
    As Kylie Jenner put it, "Check out this inspiring photograph from...@vladamua! "From opulent to optical illusion, Vlada's art is a blend of make-up and magic that transform her lips into canvases. MUA royalty, her work is washed across the internet, lips dripping and bedazzled, transformed by talent and a vision that's helped shape the beauty industry.Featuring over 200 photogr...

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  • 80s Quizpedia, The
    Coughlan, Aisling
    These 450+ questions will put your knowledge of the most bodacious decade to the test!What’s the favourite food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? On what date did MTV first air? Which hairstyle was all business in the front and party at the back? What were Hulk Hogan’s signature colors?This interactive trivia book about the decade that gave us The Golden Girls, Wham!, and th...

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  • 90s Quizpedia, The
    Koelmeyer, Hannah
    So you think you know the 90s?These 450+ questions will put your knowledge of the raddest decade to the test!Who shot Mr Burns? What did the first ever text message say? Who is the youngest Hanson brother? On what movie did Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow meet?This interactive trivia book is the ultimate chance to flex your knowledge of the decade that gave us Friends, NKOTB and ...

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  • Art Cat
    Smith Street Books
    Cats have been charming us with their indifference for as long as we’ve been sketching on canvas. In the background, on the table, or right at the forefront, cats of the past peer out from paintings and sketches, frescoes and prints across art history.Art Cat is a collection of these painted felines, featuring works from artists across the ages and continents. Japanese prints a...

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  • Cocktail Botanica
    Anders, Elouise
    Create delicious botanical cocktails using flowers, fruit, and herbs.Cocktail Botanica is a celebration of all things floral, herbaceous, fruity, and boozy. Featuring cocktails, punches, and botanical-infused spirits, this book uses herbs, fruits, flowers, and all things botanical that you can buy, forage, or grow. Full of botanical twists on classics, like a peachy old-fashion...

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  • Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Tacos & Margaritas
    Auriac, Alexandre / Launay, Elsa / Pagliano, Guillaume / Burggraf, Steve
    This is a smart, fun collection of everyone’s favourite foods in a single book – who doesn’t love hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, and margaritas?With more than 100 recipes, from quick and easy to classic to more gourmet fare, including some more unusual ingredients, this book brings all of your fast-food favourites together in one place (alongside some awesome accompaniments like ...

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  • Coffe
    Scheltus, Jason
    From espresso expert Jason Scheltus, this book will help elevate your morning coffee to absolute brew perfection. Each step of the process – from the farm to your mug ­– is unpacked. You’ll learn about the properties of beans, like growing conditions, varieties, picking, drying and roasting. Then the real nitty-gritty stuff: grinding, tamping, extraction, and manual brewing met...

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  • A Field Guide to Post-Punk & New Wave
    Wide, Steve
    A Field Guide to... delves into music's most influential genres to uncover the innovators and agitators who changed music history forever.In A Field Guide to Post-Punk & New Wave, Steve Wide explores the scenes that arose from the ashes of punk. From Joy Division's atmospheric and revolutionary Unknown Pleasures and The Smiths' melancholic musings, to the brilliant synth-driven...

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