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  • Dunkirk (2 LP)
    Zimmer, Hans
    A1.- The Mole A2.- We Need Our Army Back A3.- Shivering Soldier B1.- Supermarine B2.- The Tide B3.- Regimental Brothers C1.- Impulse C2.- Home C3.- The Oil D1.- Variation 15 (Dunkirk) D2.- End Titles ...

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  • Inception OST (LP)
    Zimmer, Hans / marr, Johnny

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  • Classics, The (LP)
    Zimmer, Hans
    A1.- The Dark Knight Rises: Main ThemeA2.- Themes From Pirates Of The CaribbeanA3.- Gladiator RhapsodyB4.- Crimson Tide: Main ThemeB5.- Inception: TimeB6.- The Lion King: This LandC7.- Gladiator: Now We Are FreeC8.- Man Of Steel: FlightC9.-The Thin Red Line: LightD10.- Gladiator: The Battle SceneD11.- Inception: MombasaD12.- Interstellar: The Docking Scene ...

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