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  • Alexander McQueen
    Wilcox, Claire
    Born in 1908 in France, Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered to be the father of modern photojournalism. Early on he adopted the versatile 35mm format and helped develop the popular “street photography” style, influencing generations of photographers that followed. In his own words, he expressed that “the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, the m...

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  • Fashioning Masculinities
    McKever, Rosalind / Wilcox, Claire
    At a moment of unprecedented creativity in men's fashion, and continuing reflections on gender, contemporary designers are questioning established forms, seeking to liberate wearers from traditional models of masculine dress.This book combines fashion with artistic and broader cultural histories - looking at the designers, tailors and artists who have constructed and performed ...

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