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  • Harvest moon light of hope
    Walsh, Doug
    A Retrospective for Harvest Moon Fans: 20 years of Harvest Moon detailed in art and descriptions illustrating the history and innovations of this groundbreaking video game series.Harvest Moon Personalities Past and Present: Special interviews discussing the legacy of Harvest Moon with "Harvest Moon: Light of Hope" Producer of Taka Maekawa and others involved with the series.Exc...

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  • Super Mario Odyssey
    Walsh, Doug
    Follow Mario as he journeys through the expansive kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey with his new ally, the heroic, hat-shaped Cappy!This collectible, hardcover travel companion is a must-have for Mario fans of all ages!Each installment in the six-volume series covers different kingdoms in Mario's journey.Beautiful screenshots, commentary by well-seasoned travelers, and a ton of s...

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