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  • Picasso
    Stein, Gertrude
    "La pintura en el siglo XIX era cosa que se hacía en Francia y por franceses; en el siglo XX, siguió haciéndose en Francia pero pasó a ser cosa de españoles. Los españoles, eran los que tenían que crear la pintura del siglo XX, y lo hicieron: Picasso lo hizo." ...

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  • Tender Buttons
    Stein, Gertrude
    This is the best and most authoritative edition of Tender Buttons, a major fixture in the modernist canon, featuring facsimiles of Stein's corrections, in her own handwriting.Our edition comes out on the centennial of its original publication, and will relate to the worldwide celebrations next year.Every previous edition has contained dozens of errors - from minor punctuation p...

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  • Three Lives
    Stein, Gertrude
    Three Lives (1909) is a collection of novellas by Gertrude Stein. Characterized by its straightforward narrative style and disjointed prose, Three Lives proved a breakthrough for Stein, who had previously found it difficult bringing her works to publication. Each novella is set in Bridgepoint, a fictionalized version of Baltimore, where working class people of all races undergo...

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