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  • God Save Sex Pistols
    Savage, Jon
    The Sex Pistols have defined the look, sound, and feel of the punk movement since they formed in London in 1975. Together for less than three years a short run that included just four singles and one studio album before they broke up in 1978 their impact on the musical and cultural landscape of the last forty years is nothing short of remarkable. The Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten, ...

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  • Una luz abrasadora, el sol y todo lo demás
    Savage, Jon
    Cuando la meteórica trayectoria de Joy Division llegó a su fin el 18 de mayo de 1980 con el suicidio de su líder Ian Curtis, tan solo un par de días antes de que empezaran su primera gira por Estados Unidos, comenzó casi simultáneamente la mitología que los consagraría en definitiva como una de las bandas de rock más importantes de todos los tiempos, pese a haber grabado apenas...

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  • Punk 45
    Savage, Jon (ed.) / Baker, Stuart (ed.) / Gillespie, Bobby (foreword)
    Brand new edition of Soul Jazz Records’ massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book edited and compiled by Jon Savage (author of the seminal book on punk, England’s Dreaming) and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records).This new edition comes with a new introduction from Bobbie Gillespie, founder of Primal Scream (who has recently also published his memoirs Tenement Kid)...

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  • This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything...
    Savage, Jon
    Over the course of two albums and some legendary gigs, Joy Division became the most successful and exciting underground band of their generation. Then, on the brink of a tour to America, Ian Curtis took his own life.In This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else, Jon Savage has assembled three decades' worth of interviews with the principal players in the Joy Division story...

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