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  • Blue Bison Needs a Haircut
    Rothman, Scott / Oswald, Pete (illus.)
    Blue Bison prides himself on always looking clean and neat. But he has a growing problem, his hair. With the barber shops and just about everywhere else closed, all Blue Bison can do is ram his ramming rock in frustration. Meanwhile, his hair keeps growing. His dad, Brown Bison, encourages him to be patient and wait, and his mom, Burgundy Bison, tries to explain that sometimes ...

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  • Attack of the Underwear Dragon
    Rothman, Scott / Oswald, Pete (il.)
    Brave knights, fire-breathing dragons, and underwear – in this comical paperback picture book, one young knight takes on a mighty dragon to save the kingdom. With playful illustrations from the #1 New York Times bestselling artist of The Bad Seed!Cole’s wish comes true when he becomes an Assistant Knight to Sir Percival, his favorite Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. Cole le...

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  • Ataque del dragón en calzones, EL
    Rothman, Scott
    Como se las arreglara el joven escudero cuando tenga que enfrentarse al temible Dragon en Calzones? ...

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