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  • Wolverine: black, white & blood treasury...
    Duggan, Gerry

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  • King in Black: Thunderbolts
    Rosenberg, Matthew / Duggan, Gerry
    Knull's army of space dragons has arrived to attack Earth -- starting with New York City! But Mayor Wilson Fisk has a plan: Bring back the Thunderbolts! To take on the unkillable, Fisk assembles a group of killers and mercenaries -- including Taskmaster, Rhino, Star, Mr. Fear and Batroc the Leaper! They have just one job: save the city or die trying. But the secret to doing so ...

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  • Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet
    Duggan, Gerry / Posehn, Brian / Brown, Reilly / Koblish, Scott
    You've seen Deadpool's marriage to the succubus queen Shiklah! Now see their first meeting and learn the secrets of their bloody romance! When Dracula hires Deadpool to transport a highly valuable delivery for him, he has no idea what kind of trouble he's in for. It's a crazy journey across the world...and into the dark heart of the Merc with the Mouth! Guest-starring Blade, M....

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  • Deadpool Vol. 2 - Soul Hunter
    Posehn, Brian / Duggan, Gerry
    Deadpool is hired by a demon to reclaim damned souls, targets a man with aquatic powers, and teams up with the Superior Spider-Man. ...

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  • Deadpool. Vol. 3
    Duggan, Gerry
    The magical day has arrived: Deadpool and succubus queen Shiklah tie the knot! But when Deadpool and his bride honeymoon in Japan, will married life agree with our mouthy merc? Or will he start doing the "take my wife, please" joke all the time? Meanwhile, Agent Preston makes a surprising discovery: Deadpool has a daughter! And there's more to her life than meets the eye! But D...

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  • Amazing Spider-man
    Spencer, Nick / Hickman, Jonathan / Duggan, Gerry
    A summons from S.H.I.E.L.D. leads Peter Parker into a globe-spanning adventure that will test him as never before, one in which the future of all mankind lies in his gloved, webbed hands! Who is the mysterious prisoner in the steel box who keeps propelling the wall-crawler onward? Nick Spencer and an all-star team of Marvel's biggest writers and artists take up the challenge to...

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