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  • Little Book of Balenciaga
    Dirix, Emmanuelle
    'Haute couture is like an orchestra, whose conductor is Balenciaga. We other couturiers are the musicians and we follow the direction he gives' - Christian DiorThe godfather of conceptual design, a master of shape, a true fashion game changer - all are accolades bestowed upon one of the most interesting, venerated and iconic couturiers of the twentieth century: Cristobal Balenc...

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  • 1920s Fashion
    Fiell, Charlotte / Dirix, Emmanuelle
    The 1920s is a decade synonymous with social change, reflected in its groundbreaking fashions: from the daring elegance of the 'New Woman' to never-before-seen silhouettes, the styles of the Roaring Twenties still capture the imagination a century later.Sumptuously illustrated with over 500 original photographs, sketches and prints, this extensive sourcebook documents the seaso...

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  • Little Guides to Style III (Box Set)
    Baxter-Wright, Emma / Dirix, Emmanuelle / Homer, Karen
    Exploring four designers who exemplify elegance and high couture, these little books of fashion follow these brands from their creation, moving through their style evolutions, the key looks that define them and their impact on the fashion landscape today.Discover the story behind the Birkin with the Little Book of Hermès, the creation of red carpet elegance with Valentino, the ...

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  • Pequeño libro de Balenciaga "La historia...
    Dirix, Emmanuelle

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