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  • Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years
    Dini, Paul / Timm, Bruce / Conner, Amanda / Dodson, Terry / Lee, Jim
    Twenty-five years of chaos are now collected in this unmissable celebration of Harley Quinn's most raucous moments!From her animated adventures to her bloody stint in the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn: A Celebration Of 25 Years captures the greatest comic book moments of the Joker’s main moll, brought to life by industry legends Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb, Amanda C...

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  • Zatanna
    Dini, Paul / Beechen, Adam
    The enchanting Zatanna Zatara has the hottest stage act in Las Vegas. And unlike the parlor tricks peddled by other would-be Houdinis around town, Zatanna’s magic is no illusion. It’s real. The dazzling Mistress of Magic can warp reality with just a few backwards words. But the supernatural is powerful…and in the wrong hands, it’s deadly. So when mystical menaces start causing ...

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  • Harley and Ivy
    Dini, Paul / Winick, Judd (Ilus.)
    The complete BATMAN: HARLEY AND IVY miniseries, accompanied by more than 100 pages of Paul Dini’s other stories featuring the villainous BFFs. Breaking the law is never more fun than when your best friend’s beside you! ...

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  • Dark Night: A True Batman Story
    Dini, Paul

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  • Batman
    Dini, Paul
    Now in trade paperback, this fantastic collection features the origin of Harley Quinn, co-starring The Joker and Poison Ivy. Also included are tales starring The Scarecrow, Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Freeze and Batgirl from BATMAN ADVENTURES ANNUAL #1-2, BATMAN ADVENTURES HOLIDAY SPECIAL, ADVENTURES IN THE DC UNIVERSE #3 and BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE #1. ...

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