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  • Woven Histories
    Cooke, Lynne
    Richly illustrated volume exploring the inseparable histories of modernist abstraction and twentieth-century textiles. Published on the occasion of an exhibition curated by Lynne Cooke, Woven Histories offers a fresh and authoritative look at textiles—particularly weaving—as a major force in the evolution of abstraction. This richly illustrated volume features more than fifty c...

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  • Jessica Stockholder
    Celant, Germano / Schwabsky, Barry / Cooke, Lynn / Tillman, Lynne
    The definitive book on a creative force who continues to influence sculpture and installation art Jessica Stockholder has long broken down the boundaries between painting, sculpture, and architecture to explore the body in social and cultural space - using found objects intertwined with profusions of vivid colours. This revised, updated edition spotlights the extraordinary evol...

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