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  • Time Further Out (LP)
    Dave Brubeck Quartet, The

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  • Time Out & Time Further Out (2 LP)
    Brubeck Quartet, Dave
    A1.- Blue Rondo A La Turk A2.- Strange Meadow Lark A3.- Take Five B1.- Three To Get Ready B2.- Kathy's Waltz B3.- Everybodys Jumpin' B4.- Pick Up Sticks C1.- Its A Raggy Waltz C2.- Bluette C3.- Charles Matthew Hallelujah C4.- Far More Blue D1.- Far More Drums D2.- Maori Blues D3.- Unsquare Dance D4.- Bru's Boogie Woogie D5.- Blue Shadows In The Street ...

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  • At Carnegie Hall (2 LP)
    Dave brubeck quartet at carnegie hall, The
    A1.- St. Louis BluesA2.- Bossa Nova U.S.A.A3.- For All We KnowB1.- Pennies From HeavenB2.- Southern Scene (Briar Bush)B3.- Three To Get ReadyC1.- Eleven-FourC2.- King For A DayC3.- Castilian Drums (Parts I and II)D1.- It's A Raggy WaltzD2.- Blue Rondo A La TurkD3.- Take Five ...

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