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  • Sleeper
    Brubaker, Ed / Phillips, Sean / Wilsom, Colin
    In these classic stories by writer Ed Brubaker, Grifter is investigating the attempted murder of his friend John Lynch, while covert operative Holden Carver has been placed undercover in a villainous organization led by TAO. As Holden and Grifter cross paths, will cooler heads prevail? Hell no. Riddled with noir undertones and the action of a spy thriller, SLEEPER BOOK ONE coll...

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  • Marvels Project, The
    Brubaker, Ed
    Who is the mysterious old man who lies on his deathbed in a hospital in 1939, and how does his passing mark the beginning of the first heroic age of the Marvel Universe? Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting unveil the defining story of the rise of the superhumans — revealing the hidden connections that unite the earliest costumed champions, and whose reverberations are felt dramaticall...

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