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  • Confianza. Serie Inteligencia Emocional HBR
    Harvard Business Review / Jen, Amy / Bregman, Peter / Moss, Rosabeth
    Necesitas confianza para transmitir seguridad, comunicarte de forma efectiva y tener éxito en tu organización. Pero tus propias inseguridades y tus temores pueden mermar tu capacidad para actuar con decisión y persuadir a otros. ¿Qué puedes hacer para superar esas inseguridades? Este libro te explica cómo utilizar la inteligencia emocional para sentirte más seguro en el trabajo...

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  • Power and Impact
    Cable, Dan / Bregman, Peter / Monarth, Harrison
    Wield your power for greater influence and impact.With formal authority comes power. But few people realize that informal power--the kind that doesn't come with a title--can have just as much impact. How do you use your power for greater influence?This book explains how power affects our emotions, our behavior, and how we work with others. You'll learn how to use self-awareness...

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  • Mindful Listening
    Bregman, Peter / Zenger, Jack / Folkman, Joseph
    Listening is a critical skill that leaders and managers often take for granted. By learning to listen mindfully, you can keep your employees more engaged, foster the discovery of new ideas, and hear what you need to hear in a discussion rather than what you expect to hear. The book will teach you what great listeners do, how to stay fully present in challenging conversations, a...

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