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  • Greatest Hits (2 LP)
    Blink 182
    A1 CarouselA2 M+M'sA3 DammitA4 JosieA5 What's My Age Again?B1 All The Small ThingsB2 Adam's SongB3 Man OverboardB4 The Rock ShowB5 First DateC1 Stay Together For The KidsC2 Feeling ThisC3 I Miss YouC4 DownD1 AlwaysD2 Not NowD3 Another Girl Another PlanetD4 I Won't Be Home For Christmas ...

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  • Take off your pants and Jacket (LP)
    Blink 182
    A1.- Anthem Part Two A2.- Online Songs A3.- First Date A4.- Happy Holidays, You Bastard A5.- Story Of A Lonely Guy A6.- The Rock Show A7.- Stay Together For The Kids B1.- Roller Coaster B2.- Reckless Abandon B3.- Everytime I Look For You B4.- Give Me One Good Reason B5.- Shut Up B6.- Please Take Me Home ...

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  • Nine (LP)
    Blink 182
    A1 The First TimeA2 Happy DaysA3 HeavenA4 Darkside 3:00A5 Blame It On My YouthA6 Generational DivideA7 Run AwayA8 Black RainB1 I Really Wish I Hated YouB2 Pin The GrenadeB3 No Heart To Speak OfB4 RansomB5 On Some Emo ShitB6 Hungover YouB7 Remember To Forget Me ...

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