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  • Introducing (2 LP)
    Baez, Joan
    Joan Baez, Vol. 1A1.- Silver Dagger A2.- East Virginia A3.- Fare Thee Well A4.- House Of The Rising Sun A5.- All My Trials A6.- Wildwood Flower A7.- Donna Donna B1.- John Riley B2.- Rake And Rambling Boy B3.- Little Moses B4.- Mary Hamilton B5.- Henry Martin B6.- El Preso Numero Nueve Joan Baez, Vol 2A1.- Wagoner's Lad A2.- The Trees They Do Grow High A3.- The Lily Of The West ...

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  • In Concert (LP)
    Baez, Joan
    A1.- Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You A2.- Geordie A3.- Copper Kettle A4.- Kumbaya A5.- What Have They Done To The Rain A6.- Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair A7.- Danger Waters (Hold Me Tight) B1.- Gospel Ship (When We're Traveling Through The Air) B2.- The House Carpenter B3.- Pretty Boy Floyd B4.- Lady Mary B5.- Até Amanhã B6.- Matty Groves ...

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