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  • Grand Tour, The
    Arqué, Sabine
    Los viajes por el mundo son agotadores: turismo de masas, aviones abarrotados, aeropuertos caóticos, medidas de seguridad extremas, cadenas hoteleras idénticas, itinerarios turísticos trillados... A veces parece imposible encontrar incluso un atisbo de aventura. Pero confíe. Para todos los que no han satisfecho su espíritu aventurero, The Golden Age of Travel (La Edad Dorada de...

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  • Germany 1900
    Lelonek, Karin / Walter, Marc / Arqué, Sabine
    The turn of the 20th century seemed full of promise for Germany. The suburbs may have teemed with tenements to house the new industrial proletariat, but on spacious new avenues in the city centres, people strolled proudly past magnificent bourgeois residences. The economy was booming, the aristocracy and the military enjoyed unlimited social prestige, and most of the population...

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  • An American Odyssey
    Walter, Marc / Arqué, Sabine
    Once upon a time in America: Rediscovering the first color photographs of the New World These rediscovered Photochrom and Photostint postcard images from the private collection of Marc Walter were produced by the Detroit Photographic Company between 1888 and 1924. Using a photolithographic process that predated the autochrome by nearly 20 years, they offered people the very fir...

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