Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2 LP)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2 LP)

Elfman, Danny

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Soundtrack de película

A1.- Wonka's Welcome Song
A2.- Augustus Gloop
A3.- Violet Beauregarde
A4.- Veruca Salt
A5.- Mike Teavee
A6.- Main Titles
B1.- Wonka's First Shop
B2.- The Indian Palace
B3.- Wheels In Motion
B4.- Charlie's Birthday Bar
B5.- The Golden Ticket / Factory
C1.- Chocolate Explorers
C2.- Loompa Land
C3.- The Boat Arrives
C4.- The River Cruise
C5.- First Candy
C6.- Up And Out
C7.- The River Cruise - Part 2
D1.- Charlie Declines
D2.- Finale
D3.- End Credits Suite

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