The World's Most Scenic Routes

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Travel the globe with more than 70 of the world’s most beautiful, historic, and useful train routes with Trains, featuring in-depth descriptions and hi-def photography.

Travel with us to:
The exclusive Peak Tramway in Hong Kong that climbs steep gradients to the Victoria Peak neighborhood.

The arduously constructed Ghan Railway traversing Australia and its most arid regions.
The historic slate-mine turned tourist railways of the Welsh Highlands.

The mountainous rack railways that ascend our world’s most treacherous mountains ranges. And many more railways that showcase the sheer will and drive of human ingenuity.

Ride the rails with Trains as it traverses the world to showcase the ground-breaking routes that have come to connect our modern age. Traveling through history along passenger and freight services that have evolved from horse-drawn rail carriages to steam, diesel, and electric powered locomotives, Trains covers some of the most intriguing and scenic routes from railway history!

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