National Geographic Family Reference Atlas

National Geographic Family Reference Atlas

National Geographic

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Show your kids the world with fascinating facts and more than 650 photographs, maps, and graphics covering every country--plus the poles, the oceans, and outer space--in this completely revised edition of National Geographic's beloved family-oriented atlas.

This exquisitely updated edition of National Geographic's popular and reader-friendly Family Reference Atlas features authoritative maps, detailed artwork, and explanatory graphics--an indispensable source of information for inquiring minds, young and old. In these richly illustrated pages, every country in the world is represented by a detailed map within its geographical context and also its flag, key statistics, and secondary maps with environmental and population information. Special sections feature maps and facts about the ocean, the solar system, and the universe beyond. Newsworthy topics from climate change and human migration to languages and digital connectivity are explained in maps, graphics, and photos. Fully indexed, and written to engage all ages, this indispensable atlas belongs in every family library.

National Geographic
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