Hegre, Petter

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With Luba and me, it was literally love at first sight. Searching the Internet for photographic models, I came upon a shot of two Ukrainian twin sisters. Pointing to the screen, I said to my associate, "I am going to marry the girl on the left." The girl on the left was Luba. One year later we were married. Words can barely describe the wonder and joy that entered my life on the day that I met Luba. It's no surprise that her name means "Love" in Russian! In a way, Luba is pure simplicity - a young woman from Kiev, good student, fine daughter and a super model. But in another way, Luba is pure uniqueness - physical attributes that typify the phrase "a perfect body," a spirit so vibrant, intelligent, and playful that your mood lifts as soon as she enters the room, and a sense of her prowess so iomaginative and complex that it is impossible for the camera to capture the same look twice. In essence, Luba is the perfect model, the perfect girl, and now, the perfect wife. And it is in tribute to this perfection and passion that I have compiled these photos under one cover. Already the most popular model on my website (, Luba is so stunning, so captivating, so beautiful that I felt she deserved a book all to herself. A book that would reveal the intense intimacy of our relationship. A book that would lay bare the sensual details of Luba's incredible spirit. I still shiver when I look thru this collection of images. Can she really be that gorgeous? That delightful? That perfect? Well, dear reader, she is. And so I present her to you - my life, my love, my Luba.

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