Barcelona Album, The

Barcelona Album, The

Unretouched sensuality

Bauer, Daniel

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Swiss photographer DANIEL BAUER showcases his photographic work with the beautiful young women of the magic city of Barcelona. Often provocative, always intense, sexy and emotional fine art nudes that show the female beauty of authentic, self confident and modern women. During the last 5 years Daniel Bauer photographed many women in Barcelona. He encouraged them to explore their sensuality in front of his camera without limits and invited them to move freely without imitating the typical glamour poses or pretending something they didn't feel. The beautiful young women who revealed themselves from their most sensual sides are amateur models and most of them have never before been photographed in the nude. The results of these photo sessions are images of an exceptionally strong sensual vibrancy. Despite of the modern and young look of the photographs, Daniel Bauer sees himself as an old school photographer. Instead of adding effects or enhancing pictures using editing software, he works in the classical way with the light and the camera. During the sessions he creates an atmosphere in which the portrayed women can feel free and safe. To capture their individual sensual charisma he abstains from using the typical "glamour poses" and never asks for those characteristical expressions of pretended arousal. He wants artistic, not artificial nudes. Hence, what you see in this book is real. Women with skin and hair. Natural, authentic beauty. Genuine feelings.

Daniel Bauer
Fotografía erótica
Pasta dura

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  • Zona Rosa
  • Roma
  • San Ángel

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