Bad Kitty: Searching for Santa

Bad Kitty: Searching for Santa

Bruel, Nick

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In Bad Kitty: Searching for Santa, by bestselling author/illustrator Nick Bruel, Kitty's back for another Christmas tale?this time involving Santa and complete with a colorful poster!

In this hilarious story, Kitty battles with Santa and loses. Or does she?

Kitty wants to write a letter.
Actually, she wants to write a letter to Santa.
But has Kitty been good this year?
Hmmm . . . Kitty’s not so sure.

She writes the letter anyway and is soon on her way to meet Santa in real life at the mall!

Will she make it in time? Will Santa give Kitty what she’s asking for?

Roaring Brook Press
Infantil en inglés
Pasta dura

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