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  • Land of Many Colors & Nanna-ya
    Condé, Maryse / Ezdinli, Leyla
    Land of Many Colors is set in the fictional city of Fort Pilote in the French Caribbean. It opens with the deaths of a young liberation activist and his mother in 1984. The narrator, a doctor who handles both of these cases, attempts to reconstruct the history of the family through four generations. The doctor’s account illuminates the political and social complexities of race ...

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  • Underground River and Other Stories
    Arredondo, Inés / Steele, Cynthia / Poniatowska, Elena
    Inés Arredondo (1928–1989) published just three slim volumes of stories over twenty--three years, yet her reputation as a great writer, “a necessary writer,” is firmly established in Mexico. Her works dwell on obsessions: erotic love, evil, purity, perversion, prostitution, tragic separation, and death. Most of her characters are involved in ill--fated searches for the Absolute...

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  • Museum of Useless Efforts, The
    Peri Rossi, Cristina
    In The Museum of Useless Efforts Cristina Peri Rossi renders familiar, everyday situations uncanny through lyrical reinterpretations; at the same time, she somehow makes the uncanny appear quite ordinary. Crafting peculiar-and sometimes claustrophobically small-worlds, Peri Rossi explores the universal themes of desire, violence, and truth and the simultaneous and contradictory...

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  • Now I Know Only So Far
    Hymes, Dell
    In Now I Know Only So Far, sociolinguist and ethnopoetic scholar Dell Hymes examines the power and significance of Native North American literatures and how they can best be approached and appreciated. Such narratives, Hymes argues, are ways of making sense of the world. To truly comprehend the importance and durability of these narratives, one must investigate the ways of thin...

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  • Do What They Say or Else
    Ernaux, Annie
    Originally published in 1977, Do What They Say or Else is the second novel by French author Annie Ernaux. Set in a small town in Normandy, France, the novel tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl named Anne, who lives with her working-class parents. The story, which takes place during the summer and fall of Anne's transition from middle school to high school, is narrated in...

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  • Things Seen
    Ernaux, Annie
    In this "journal" Ernaux turns her penetrating focus on those points in life where the everyday and the extraordinary intersect, where "things seen" reflect a private life meeting the larger world. From the war crimes tribunal in Bosnia to social issues such as poverty and AIDS; from the state of Iraq to the world's contrasting reactions to Princess Diana's death and the starkl...

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  • World of Yesterday, The
    Zweig, Stefan

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  • Microfictions
    Shua, Ana María
    Cinderella's sisters surgically modify their feet to win the prince's love. A werewolf gathers up enough courage to visit a dentist. A medium trying to reach the afterworld gets a recorded message. A fox and a badger compete to out-fool each other. Whether writing of insomnia from a mosquito's point of view or showing us what happens after the princess kisses the frog, Ana Mari...

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  • Civil War Short Stories of Ambrose Bierce,...
    Hopkins, Ernest Jerome (Ed.)
    In The Devil's Dictionary Ambrose Bierce defined "war" as "a by-product of the arts of peace." A Civil War veteran, Bierce had absolutely no illusions about "courage," "honor," and "glory" on the battlefield. These stories form one of the great antiwar statements in American literature. Included here are the classic An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Chickamauga, The Mocking Bi...

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