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  • Samurai Pizza Cats
    Tatsunoko Production
    Samurai Pizza Cats! They're fighting crime all over town! In the early 1990s, this trio of mechanoid feline fighters became the favorite heroes of many afternoon anime aficionados! Samurai Pizza Cats: Official Fan Book is the ultimate celebration of the original Japanese version of the show, "Kyatto Ninden Teyandee". Inside you'll find pinup artwork, character designs and profi...

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  • Darkstalkers
    Siu-Chong, Ken
    Morrigan, Demitri, Felicia, Donovan, Victor, Talbain, and more of your favorite Darkstalkers battle it out for control of the night in this ultimate Darkstalkers comic collection! Featuring both the complete Darkstalkers and Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors comic series, this oversized collection also includes every Darkstalkers bonus story and variant cover. ...

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  • Capcom Fighting Tribute
    Moylan, Matt
    Capcom Fighting Tribute is a collaborative celebration of the Golden Age of fighting games and beat-em-ups! Inside, hundreds of artists from across the globe join forces in paying homage to over a dozen classic Capcom franchises. Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Power Stone, Final Fight, Star Gladiator, Captain Commando, and many more combat-fueled classics are feat...

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  • Essential Evangelion Chronicle: Side B, The
    Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki
    The Essential Evangelion Chronicle: Side B continues the ultimateguide to the characters, events, and world of Neon Genesis Evangelion.Inside you'll find in-depth character profiles, relationship charts, technologyspecifications, battle tactics, episode summaries, and much more.Covers episodes 14-26 of the original television series, as well as the filmThe End of Evangelion. ...

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  • Monster Hunter Illustrations
    Hardcover Edition! Beloved by fans the world over, the Monster Hunter series takes players on an epic quest to hunt or capture the most dangerous and fantastic monsters imaginable. Monster Hunter Illustrations collects the unparalleled artwork behind the first two generations of games in this landmark series. Inside you'll find hundreds of designs for characters, monsters, armo...

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  • UDON's Art of Capcom 3
    UDON Entertainment is back with an all-new classy compilation of the creative studio's Capcom artwork! This prestigous 300-page hardcover volume gathers UDON's artists' renditions of the casts of Street Fighter, Mega Man, Darkstalkers, and other classic Capcom franchises. Included are comic covers, video game endings, promotional art, costume designs, tribute art, and much more...

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  • Makeshift Miracle Book 1
    Zub, Jim / Hong Chan, Shun

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  • Nutcracker and the Mouse King, The (BRD)
    Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich

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  • Street fighter classic vol. 3 psycho crusher

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  • Mega Man. Tribute
    Moylan, Matt

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  • Street Fighter Tribute

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  • Claes Oldemburg (DVD)
    Fox, Gerald

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  • Art of Brutal Legend, The
    Bukszpan, Daniel / Schafer, Tim / Campbell, Scott

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  • Igor Stravinsky: L'histoire du soldat (DVD)
    Ehrnvall, Torbjörn

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  • Street fighter legends chun li

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  • Osamu Tezuka Anime Character Illustrations
    Mori, Haruji / Tezuka, Ozamu
    The grandfather of manga and anime, Osamu Tezuka created hundreds of unforgettable characters during his 40+ year career as an illustrator and animator. His influence on generations of artists has been immeasurable, and is still felt today across Japan and beyond. Osamu Tezuka: Anime Character Illustrations collects the character designs from several of Tezuka's animation proje...

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  • Osamu Tezuka
    Mori, Haruji
    The grandfather of manga and anime, Osamu Tezuka created hundreds of unforgettable characters during his 40+ year career as an illustrator and animator. His influence on generations of artists has been immeasurable, and is still felt today across Japan and beyond.The Osamu Tezuka: Anime & Manga Character Sketchbook collects rough concepts from several of Tezuka's anime and mang...

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  • Steins Gate 2
    Sarachi, Yomi
    The Future Gadgets team have invented a time machine and gained the ability to alter the past, but things have quickly gotten out of control. Okarin’s experiments have resulted in the death of one of the members, and no matter how many times he travels to the past, he cannot save her. Are the villainous SERN organization to blame, or is time itself his enemy? Find out in Steins...

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  • World of Professor Layton, The
    The Professor Layton series couples brilliant puzzle games with a fascinating story to create a riveting formula that has provided great entertainment for mystery fans and puzzle-solving gurus alike. Now you can dive even deeper into Professor Layton’s universe with a fabulous tome that is sure to remind you of a puzzle! The World of Professor Layton is bursting with artwork, r...

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  • Monster Hunter Illustrations 2
    Hardcover edition! Monster Hunter Illustrations continues with another mammoth-sized, 400-page artwork collection! Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 covers all the third generation Monster Hunter games including Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Featured are creature designs, character designs,armor, weapons, tons of rough sketches, and more! ...

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