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  • Unwritten Order, The
    Longerich, Peter
    The Holocaust differs from other genocides in recent history for one main reason: there is no other example in which a minority was annihilated systematically and as completely as possible on the orders of a head of state and through the apparatus of government. To reconstruct Hitler’s central role in the Final Solution represents a particular challenge. Hitler treated the murd...

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  • Montana and the NFL
    D'Ambrosio, Brian
    Montanans' football obsession goes far beyond storied college programs. From Baker to Zurich, even the tiniest towns in Montana have sent players to the NFL. One of the most dominant offensive linemen of the 1940s was Anaconda's own Francis Cope, who earned All-Decade honors as a New York Giant. Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1991, MSU alum Jan Stenerud was the lea...

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  • Stephen King's: A Good Marriage (DVD)
    Askin, Peter

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  • Un plan no tan perfecto (BRD+DVD)
    Hoffman, Michael

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  • Harry Clarke
    Bowe, Nicola Gordon
    Harry Clarke was Ireland’s greatest stained glass artist and arguably the finest of his time in any country. He was also an illustrator of genius, whose works have been collector’s items for decades. Out of print for over 15 years, this new edition will be an enormous contribution to the literature of Irish art, and a collector’s item in itself. ...

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  • Strangest Genius
    Costigan, Lucy

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