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  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Farber, Don
    A visual biography of one of the world´s major spiritual leaders. Of interest both to Buddhist scholars and all those drawn to a message of peace and compassio. ...

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  • #Sendnudes
    Whitfield, Iman
    If you spend a reasonable amount of time online, chances are you may have stumbled across the phrase: #SENDNUDES. A staple of millennial lingo, the term is used to request sexually explicit photographs, typically over text messaging and dating apps. Over time, #SENDNUDES has also evolved into a meme, deployed as a common punchline in image and video internet jokes.Today, #SENDN...

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  • Cool events at home
    Pfuel, Stephanie Von

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  • Beyond Skin
    Hardy, Ed

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  • Sound of Mountains, The
    Sahin, Guerel
    4:30 in the morning, trekking in the open wilderness of the Alps, 2,900 meters above sea level, storm clouds disappearing behind the nearest mountain, the sun rising- these are the moments when Guerel Sahin captures his best outdoor photographs. It is perhaps precisely because they are often shot in extreme situations that Sahin's breathtaking mountain panoramas, photographs of...

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