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  • Simply Beauty
    Verwelius, Bert
    Bert Verwelius' new book shows natural feminine beauty in all of its facets, whether nude or clothed, in color or in black and white. Thanks to many workshops with famous and lesser-known photographers all over the world, Verwelius has continued to develop his style over the last 10 years, becoming a master at using a variety of light sources in his work. In his photoshoots, Ve...

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  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Farber, Don
    A visual biography of one of the world´s major spiritual leaders. Of interest both to Buddhist scholars and all those drawn to a message of peace and compassio. ...

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  • Sound of Mountains, The
    Sahin, Guerel
    4:30 in the morning, trekking in the open wilderness of the Alps, 2,900 meters above sea level, storm clouds disappearing behind the nearest mountain, the sun rising- these are the moments when Guerel Sahin captures his best outdoor photographs. It is perhaps precisely because they are often shot in extreme situations that Sahin's breathtaking mountain panoramas, photographs of...

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  • #Sendnudes
    Whitfield, Iman
    If you spend a reasonable amount of time online, chances are you may have stumbled across the phrase: #SENDNUDES. A staple of millennial lingo, the term is used to request sexually explicit photographs, typically over text messaging and dating apps. Over time, #SENDNUDES has also evolved into a meme, deployed as a common punchline in image and video internet jokes.Today, #SENDN...

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  • Cool events at home
    Pfuel, Stephanie Von

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  • Beyond Skin
    Hardy, Ed

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  • Iconic New York
    Bliss, Christopher
    Few cities can spark our imaginations the way New York does. Its name buzzes almost as much as the city itself. Famed for both its hectic pace and for being a melting pot of cultures and ideas, this truly is the world's ultimate metropolis. As a New York native, photographer Christopher Bliss understands the city as only an insider could. This dramatic overview captures the cit...

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  • Erotic
    Bitesnich, Andreas H.

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  • Revue
    Recuenco, Eugenio

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  • Profiles
    Hom, Marc
    "My new book, 'Profiles', is a collection of portraits taken over the last six to eight years, including exceptional profiles of creatives in the arts and cinema, plus meaningful images of family and friends. The images originate from editorial assignments and personal sittings, and are a reflection on my fascination with the person and their innate beauty and character." Marc ...

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  • Dark heavens
    Sardar, Hamid
    A stunning visual record of Mongolia's last nomadic tribesDocuments the daily customs and manners of Mongolia's wandering hunters and shamansAn ideal gift for those interested in photography and native culturesAcross the vast, wind-swept plains of Mongolia, nomadic tribes freely roam--only guided by the rhythmic changes of the seasons. Beginning in 2000, Hamid Sardar immersed h...

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  • Living roofs
    Penn, Ashley

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  • The Stylish Life: Tennis
    Rothenberg, Ben
    More than just a game, tennis has always been a sociable pursuit where whom and where you play defines the whole experience.An entire culture has developed around this chic pastime. Witness a whole pantheon of tennis legends who combine athleticism with stylish flair while experiencing the charisma of such modern stars as Maria Sharapova and the charm of all-time great Arthur A...

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  • Paris
    Ramelli, Serge
    When you turn through these pages of Paris, you will see a lifetime of love for Serge Ramelli's hometown. A city where he has both seen the small details and captured them at epic scale.Only Paris offers the inimitable stage that can turn every photo into a film still. In its architectural splendor, its wealth of churches, palaces, parks, and grand boulevards, the city is peerl...

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