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  • Stainless Ladies
    Carré, Didier
    On page after page of this book, beautiful, elegant women are portrayed in black-and-white photos that are stylish, graceful, and at the same time delightfully explicit. Artful and sophisticated, this collection is also erotic and tantalizing. ...

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  • In Search of Mona Lisa (LP)
    Santana, Carlos
    A1.- Do You Remember Me A2.- In Search of Mona Lisa A3.- Lovers From Another Time B1.- Do You Remember Me (Edit Version) B2.- In Search of Mona Lisa (Edit Version) ...

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  • Bavarian Landust
    Soell, Stefan
    Only Stefan Soell can photograph these highly attractive, all-natural Bavarian country girls so revealingly. What a series of photos this is! After picking apples we see them busily baking their pies, topless! These buxom country girls stretch out lasciviously in the hay, or show off their curves in front of a perfect backdrop of lush meadows and curvaceous hills. You can see t...

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  • New Lane Road (LP)
    Kelley, Josh
    A1 It's Your MoveA2 The Rock Who Found A Rollin' StoneA3 Call It What It IsA4 Take It On BackA5 The Best Of MeA6 New Lane RoadB1 One Foot In The GraveB2 Anywhere You Wanna GoB3 Cowboy Love SongB4 I'll Be Standin' TallB5 Life's Too ShortB6 Only God Can Stop Her Now ...

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  • Blue Moods (LP)
    Davis, Miles
    A1 Nature BoyA2 Alone TogetherB1 There's No YouB2 Easy Living ...

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  • Tipping Point: Coloured Edition (LP)
    Tears For Fears
    A1 No Small ThingA2 The Tipping PointA3 Long, Long, Long TimeA4 Break The ManA5 My DemonsB1 Rivers Of MercyB2 Please Be HappyB3 Master PlanB4 End Of NightB5 Stay ...

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  • Vol. 3 (LP)
    Traveling Wilburys

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  • Atlantic Sirens
    Soell, Stefan

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  • Sweet 18
    Fouquet, Emmanuel D.
    Emmanuel Fouquet wanted to learn a profession in which being surrounded by beautiful women is part and parcel of the job. He left the Savoy Alps in 1991 and traveled to Paris, coming under the wing of Christian Chauveau. This famous man trained Emmanuel in the skills of the make-up artist. Emmanuel's first assignments were tough, low-paid jobs, which came his way via various mo...

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  • Musician, The (3 LP)
    Chick Corea

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  • Errotica

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  • Hot 19
    Fouquet, Emmanuel D.
    Of course, my photography is a turn-on, a sort of Viagra, because, let's face it, it is extremely exciting for a man to view young girls in provocative poses. The aspects of forbidden love, past memories, one's first love, all this and related fantasies are triggered by these very young girls, who attract them like a magnet. Suspend your judgement of them while looking, because...

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  • Stardust (LP)
    Coltrane, John
    Originally released in 1963, Stardust consists of two separate recording sessions during Coltrane's hard bop era. The sessions took place in July and December of 1958 at legendary engineer Rudy Van Gelder's studio, and feature an incredible lineup of musicians: Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Wilbur Harden on trumpet & flugelhorn, Red Garland on piano, bassist Paul Chambers and dru...

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  • Modern urban girls
    Soell, Stefan

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  • Volcanic Girls
    Soell, Stefan

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  • Hot babes
    Troop, Michael S.

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  • Welcome to Fabulous L.A. Girls Confidential
    Mccalla, Sean

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  • Night hawk (LP)
    Hawkins, Coleman

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  • Halo I-IV (LP)
    Nine Inch Nails
    Halo ISide A:01 Down In It (Skin)02 Down In It (Shred)Side B:01 Down In It (Singe)Halo IISide A:01 Head Like a Hole02 Terrible Lie03 Down In It04 Sanctified05 Something I Can Never HaveSide B:01 Kinda I Want To02 Sin03 That's What I Get04 The Only Time05 RingfingerHalo IIISide A:01 Head Like a Hole (Slate)02 Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)03 Head Like a Hole (Clay)Side B:01 Head...

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  • Lovers and Madmen
    Stuart, Roy
    Roy Stuart is convinced that sex, photography, and film should not be left to the porn industry, so this book contains a 60-minute DVD, with sequences from the master artists's Glimpse series, and a long, highly erotic contribution to the book's main story. Thus the adventure does not end on the last page, but finds it continuation in the film. Here the photographer takes on mu...

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  • New (LP)
    McCartney, Paul
    A1.- Save UsA2.- AlligatorA3.- On My Way To WorkA4.- Queenie EyeA5.- Early DaysA6.- NewB1.- AppreciateB2.- Everybody Out ThereB3.- HosannaB4.- I Can BetB5.- Looking At HerB6.- RoadB7.- Scared ...

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  • Masseduction (LP)
    St. Vincent
    A1.- Hang On MeA2.- PillsA3.- MasseductionA4.- SugarboyA5.- Los AgelessA6.- Happy Birthday, JohnnyB1.- SaviorB2.- New YorkB3.- Fear The FutureB4.- Young LoverB5.- Dancing With A GhostB6.- Slow DiscoB7.- Smoking Section ...

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