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  • Richard Avedon
    Senf, Rebecca A. (ed.) / Avedon, Richard (photog.)
    How the legendary portraitist forged enduring relationships with his sitters, from Marilyn Monroe to Truman CapoteOver the course of his six-decade-long career, photographer Richard Avedon worked with a tremendous range of portrait subjects: models, actors, ballet dancers, celebrities, civil rights activists, heads of state, inventors, musicians, visual artists and writers. He ...

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  • Michael Kenna
    Colleu-Dumond, Chantal / Reynaud, Françoise / Kenna, Michael (photog.)
    Ethereal black-and-white treescapes from a master of long-exposure photographyPublished to accompany the eponymous exhibition at Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire in France, this catalog gathers a stunning selection of photographs of trees by English-born, Seattle-based photographer Michael Kenna (born 1953). For over 40 years, Kenna has been traveling around the world with his cam...

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  • Common Practice
    Rolón, Carlos / Peterson, Dan / Dennis, John
    The first, comprehensive, illustrated publication to explore the relationship between basketball and contemporary artFrom David Hammons' Higher Goals and Robert Indiana’s Mecca Floor to the more recent works of Nina Chanel Abney and Titus Kaphar, basketball has proven an especially popular sport in art. Whether in the depiction of players, abstract use of motifs, or as a means ...

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  • Botero
    Padilla, Christian (ed.) / Botero, Fernando (artist)
    The story of how Fernando Botero developed his iconic “Boterismo” styleColombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero (born 1932) is one of the best-known and most celebrated living Latin American artists. His distinctive visual style of softly rounded, inflated shapes?so idiosyncratic that it is described as “Boterismo”?is instantly recognizable all around the world. ...

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  • BMW - Motorbikes of the Century
    Somazzi, Claudio / Bonsignori, Massimo
    Ninety years after the first BMW was created, the R32 in 1923, this magnificent volume serves as a unique source of reference for all collectors and enthusiasts of vintage BMW motorbikes. With precise images and technical information on every single model produced between 1923-2000, this book provides precious advice and suggestions, as well as in-depth analysis of the motorbik...

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  • Moscow: Splendours of the Romanovs
    Tarasenko, Ludmila
    A lavishly illustrated survey of the Romanovs' era which symbolizes almost three centuries of Russian artistic riches. "The Romanov dynasty reigned over Russia for three hundred years. Every sovereign was crowned in the cathedral of the Kremlin. The coronation ceremonies were used to return the former capital to the lustre it had lost to Saint Petersburg. This exhibition catalo...

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  • Enrico Donati
    Ades, Dawn
    The definitive volume on important, little-known Surrealist artist Enrico Donati—on the occasion of new research and never-before-published material. ?Enrico Donati first found acclaim when the master of Surrealism, André Breton, lauded him the savior of the movement in 1942. Donati went on to exhibit with major figures of the New York School, such as Rothko, de Kooning, and Po...

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  • Andrei Sharov
    Riley, Charles A. / Hewitt, Simon
    The first volume dedicated to the complete works of Russian artist Andrei Sharov. Andrei Sharov is a multidisciplinary artist of international repute—enthralled by theatre and dance—and is a celebrated designer of costumes and stage sets. He is also a painter of note. ...

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  • Alphonse Mucha
    Tomoko, Sato
    Spanning the entirety of Alphonse Mucha's prolific career, this handsome, affordable and concise overview examines the beloved artist's oeuvre--from posters, jewelry, interior decoration, theater and product design to painting, book illustration, sculpture and photography--across six themed sections that highlight the artist's personality: "A Bohemian in Paris"; "A Picture-Make...

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  • Kerouac: Beat Painting
    Kerouac, Jack
    As well as being the author of novels that defined postwar America and helped launch the counterculture, Jack Kerouac was also a prolific painter and draftsman. But his artistic work?inspired by the artists of the New York School with whom Kerouac socialized in the late '50s?has remained largely unknown. Most of Kerouac's artworks were inherited by a relative and remained unsee...

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  • Ver Sacrum
    The publication describes and illustrates the originality of a language, which can be perceived right from the first issues of the legendary official magazine of the Vienna Secession, structured in the form of programme manifestoes and destined to be a foundation of modernity. The goal of Ver Sacrum was to give life to total works of art, the so-called Gesamtkunstwerk. That is ...

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  • Hiroshige: The Master of Nature
    A comprehensive monograph on Hiroshige, the last great master of the ukiyo-e style, with more than 400 reproductionsThis substantial volume offers a broad panorama of the hugely popular oeuvre of Hiroshige (1797-1858), the great artist of the Japanese popular school of printmaking who transmuted everyday landscapes into intimate, lyrical scenes. The text examines his life and a...

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  • Araki Effect, The
    Maggia, Filippo
    Araki's career in full, from the portraits of the early 1960s to city scenes and tender tributes to his wifeAraki is known the world over for his controversial erotic portraits of Japanese women, often bound using the kinbaku (Japanese bondage) technique. A unique figure in contemporary photography, he has always found creative inspiration in his daily existence, without making...

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  • LAMBORGHINI with Italy, for Italy
    Rampello, Davide
    A portrait of Lamborghini and the country that birthed it through 21 cars, 21 regions and 21 photographersFor this splendid volume, 21 contemporary Italian photographers, each representing their respective regions, have been called upon by Lamborghini to collaborate in this unparalleled project helmed by the world-famous Italian brand. Together with input from legendary photogr...

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  • Africa
    Zanella, Massimo
    An awe-inspiring journey through the natural splendors of 30 major African parksAs the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is teeming with spectacular habitat: savannahs, rainforests, deserts, volcanic landscapes, mountains and coastlines. It is also home to an incredible wealth of animals: lions, elephants, zebras and hippos.This volume takes the reader on a tour thr...

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  • Van Gogh
    Benedetti, Maria Teresa (ed.) / Villanti, Francesca (ed.)
    The life and work of the the most famous artist in the world through a selection of masterpieces Fifty works by Vincent van GoghFifty works by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) from the prestigious Kröller-Mu¨ller Museum in Otterlo (which houses one of the greatest patrimonies of Van Gogh’s works) document the Dutch painter’s entire career, on the eve of the 170th anniversary of the...

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  • Hildegard Von Bingen
    Salvadori, Sara
    A full reproduction of the medieval composer and visionary's final theological tract, illuminated shortly after her death“I am also the fiery life of the essence of divinity. I flame above the beauty of the fields, and I shine in the waters, and I burn in the sun, the moon, and the stars. With the airy wind I quicken all things with some invisible life that sustains them all.”B...

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  • F1 Heroes
    Terruzzi, Giorgio / Colombo, Ercole (photog.)
    A thrilling visual history of Formula One racingThis fully illustrated history takes a journey across 70 years of the most spectacular images from the archives of the great champions who have made the history of Formula One and the Grand Prix. It follows the storied history of this widely popular sport from the first championship, won by the daring Nino Farina with his Alfa Rom...

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  • Alberto Giacometti
    Giacometti, Alberto / Bouvard, Émilie (ed.) / Grenier, Catherine / Paulhan, Camille / Maldonado, Guitemie / Daniel, Hugo / Wat, Pierre / Bucalo-Mussely, Serena
    Themes and motifs across the influential career of the great Swiss sculptor, from Surrealism to the iconic, etiolated figures of the postwar eraThis catalog for a retrospective of the work of the sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti (1901–66) appraises all of the artist’s periods and mediums, from sculpture (plaster, bronze) to painting, drawings and prints, and from early w...

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  • Hokusai
    Menegazzo, Rossella (ed.) / Failla, Donatella / Hokusai (artist)
    The legacy of the undisputed master of Ukiyo-e, from his artistic evolutions to the influence on and of his followersThe undisputed master of ukiyo-e, Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) is celebrated not only for his series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji but also for his great versatility expressed in his treatment of all types of subjects: from landscapes to nature, portraits of k...

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  • Italian Glamour
    Quinto, Enrico

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  • Crowns
    Miller, Sandro / Morin, Anna
    In Crowns: My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom American photographer Sandro Miller (born 1958) celebrates the social endurance, cultural heritage and self-expression of Black women through their hairstyles. In this series of portraits, each subject is posed in front of either a strikingly black or vibrant geometric background that serves to highlight the models' skin tones and accentu...

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  • Joaquin Sorolla
    Forti, Micol / Luca de Tena, Consuelo
    Key works by the Spanish Impressionist painter of landscapes, portraits and monumental, historically themed canvasesJoaquín Sorolla y Bastida was one of the most beloved and appreciated artists of his day. In 1908, he was hailed as "the greatest living painter in the world" for his extraordinary technique and the pleasing nature of his subjects, rising to a level of fame that v...

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