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  • Lucian Freud : The Self-portraits
    Dawson, David / Koerner, Joseph Leo / Sharp, Jasper
    In 1964 Lucian Freud set his students at the Norwich College of Art an assignment: to paint naked self-portraits and to make them 'revealing, telling, believable... really shameless'. It was advice that the artist was often to follow himself. Visceral, unflinching and often nude, Freud's self-portraits give us an insight into the development of his style as a painter. The works...

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  • Francis Bacon
    Howe, Catherine
    Francis Bacon is considered one of the most important painters of the 20th century. A major exhibition of his paintings at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2020 explores the role of animals in his work - not least the human animal.Having often painted dogs and horses, in 1969 Bacon first depicted bullfights. In this powerful series of works, the interaction between man and beast is...

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  • León Spilliaert
    Locke, Adrian, Anne Adrianes-Pannier et al.
    Although often associated with the key figures of Belgian Symbolism, Leon Spilliaert in fact demonstrated a peculiarly individual style. Born in Ostend, he worked there for most of his career. An introvert and insomniac who suffered from poor health as a young man, Spilliaert wandered the night-time streets of the North Sea resort, creating mysterious and highly atmospheric dep...

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  • Picasso and Paper
    Dumas, Ann
    Pablo Picasso's artistic output is astonishing in its ambition and variety. This handsome new publication examines a particular aspect of his legendary capacity for invention: his imaginative and original use of paper.He used it as a support for autonomous works, including etchings, prints and drawings, as well as for his papier-colle experiments of the 1910s and his revolution...

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  • Kyosai
    Sadamura, Koto
    The Japanese artist Kawanabe Kyosai (1831-1889) was celebrated for his exciting impromptu performances at calligraphy and painting parties. Dynamic, playful and provocative, Kyosai delighted his audience with spontaneous and speedy paintings of demons, skeletons, deities and Buddhist saints. These were often satirical, reflecting a time of political and cultural change in Japan...

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