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  • Fatal Feast (LP)
    Municipal Waste
    A1.- Waste In Space (Main Title) A2.- Repossession A3.- New Dead Masters A4.- Unholy Abductor A5.- Idiot Check A6.- Covered In Sick / The Barfer A7.- You're Cut Off A8.- Authority Complex A9.- Standards And Practices B1.- Crushing Chest Wound B2.- The Monster With 21 Faces B3.- Jesus Freaks B4.- The Fatal Feast B5.- 12 Step Program B6.- Eviction Party (Bonus) B7.- Death Tax B8....

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  • Change Your Brain
    Leary, Timothy
    This book tells the inside story of Leary's early LSD research at Harvard. Known throughout the world as the guru who encouraged an entire generation to "turn on, tune in, and drop out," he draws on wit, humor, and skepticism to debunk the power of psychotherapy and to advocate reprogramming the brain with psychedelics. Discussing how various drugs affect the brain, how to chan...

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