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  • Sorolla: Painted Gardens
    Pons-Sorolla, Blanca / Subirana, Monica Rodriguez
    Valencian master Sorolla's Impressionist paintings depict the most beautiful gardens and architecture in Spain.Like Claude Monet s celebrated plein air landscapes at Giverny, the series collected in this book represents among the best-loved examples of Joaquin Sorolla s (1863-1923) work, and a window into the Spanish painter s quest to capture the essence of a garden. Described...

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  • Monsters and Myths
    Shell, Oliver (Ed) / Tostmann, Oliver (Ed)
    During the pivotal decades leading up to World War II and throughout the war, important Surrealist artists such as Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, André Masson, Joan Miró, Wolfgang Paalen, and Yves Tanguy--some of whom had served as soldiers in World War I--responded through their works to the repression and violence attending the rise of Hitler and the spread of Fascism in Europe. I...

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  • Jeremy Scott
    Scott, Jeremy
    The definitive monograph on Jeremy Scott, one of the most creative and influential American designers working in fashion today. Jeremy Scott is an American designer whose sensibility has brought elements of humour, rebellion, and fantasy to the elevated culture of couture-from his earliest collections in Paris to the outrageous runway shows in recent years that led the New York...

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  • Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment
    Lerfel, Sarah
    Known internationally and variously described as the Godfather of Streetwear and one of the founding fathers of Tokyo's Harajuku scene, Hiroshi Fujiwara exerts a disproportionate influence over contemporary design culture. Fujiwara, who had collaborated with the likes of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood as a teenager in the early 1980s, merged a seminal interest in punk wi...

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  • Erro
    Black, Hannah
    The first major English-language monograph on Icelandic Pop artist Erró establishes his primacy among today’s significant figurative artists. Erró, Iceland’s most prominent painter, receives long overdue critical attention for his contributions to international Pop, late Surrealism, and contemporary figurative painting in this sumptuous monograph. Since introducing exclusively ...

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  • Oliver Jeffers
    Jeffers, Oliver
    This dynamic visual biography is Jeffers's personal chronicle of an artist who blends his love of creating stories with his love of art and his infectious charm, and is a must-have for art lovers and bibliophiles both young and old.Oliver Jeffers takes a dive into Oliver's own origin story, inspirations, art evolution, and passion for storytelling: from growing up loving art an...

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  • Anne brigman
    Wolfe, Ann
    This monumental publication rediscovers and celebrates the work of Anne Brigman, whose photography was considered radical for its time. For Brigman to objectify her own nude body as the subject of her photographs at the turn of the 20th century was groundbreaking; to do so outdoors in a near-desolate wilderness setting was revolutionary. Brigman’s significance spanned both coas...

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  • Lucian Freud: Monumental
    Dawson, David
    Intimate portraits from one of the most innovative figurative artists of the twentieth century and the master of painted flesh. Curated by the artist's longtime studio assistant and friend, David Dawson, this important volume features twenty major and rarely seen paintings by Lucian Freud (1922-2011). The book begins with works from 1990, when Freud began painting the performan...

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  • Chocolate Alchemy
    Hard, Kristen / Addison, Bill
    Through easy-to-understand recipes, Chocolate Alchemy makes creating your own chocolate at home accessible to everyone, whether you are an avid cook or simply a chocolate lover. Called a female pioneer of bean-to-bar chocolate, Kristen Hard shares her philosophy and secrets to making chocolate, with clear instructions on minimal-processing techniques without additives. The book...

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  • Norell
    Banks, Jeffrey
    Norman Norell (1900 1972) the first American designer to employ couture techniques, refined workmanship, and luxurious fabrics made dresses, coats, and suits that critics deemed the equal of Paris, earning him the sobriquet the American Balenciaga and forever changing perceptions about New York s Seventh Avenue garment industry. Norell showed the world that American design coul...

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  • Sneakers x Culture: Collab
    Semmelhack, Elizabeth / Slade, Jacques
    A celebration of the great sneaker collaborations that have reimagined the shoe, elevating this most practical of footwear into the realm of wearable art. The ubiquitous sneaker is the canvas upon which so many defiers of convention--artists, musicians, athletes, and celebrities--have sought to make their mark and through the sneaker contribute to a unique identity and attitude...

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  • Style of Movement, The: Fashion and Dance
    Browa, Ken / Ory, Deborah
    From renowned photographers Ken Browar and Deborah Ory, the husband-and-wife team behind The Art of Movement, comes this book for fans of dance and fashion alike; it features today s greatest dancers wearing couture creations from today s most celebrated designers, and takes the relationship between fashion and dance as its subject. Leaping, spinning, lifting, and gliding, the ...

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  • Wedding Dress
    Cassini, Oleg
    The quintessential book on the wedding dress, newly revised and updated in a collector's edition, is an exciting look at the variety of luxurious wedding dresses, which both celebrates and reveals their beauty, sophistication, and romance. From Jacqueline Kennedy to Grace Kelly, Oleg Cassini's designs are synonymous with the world's most glamorous women. The same electrifying e...

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  • Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964
    Russell, Ted
    For those who love or have collected early Bob Dylan bootleg albums, an archive of never before published photographs of the young Dylan, when he first moved to New York City in the early 1960s. It was in late 1961, photographer Ted Russell recalls, that he first heard about an "up-and-coming young fellow who was coming out with his first album." A freelance photographer on the...

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  • Becoming
    Crawford, Cindy
    International supermodel Cindy Crawford chronicles her life and career, sharing stories and lessons learned, and featuring her most memorable images. ?Cindy Crawford was the cornerstone of the golden age of the supermodel in the 1990s. She blazed a trail during that decade, seamlessly moving between the runway to unconventional outlets, such as cutting-edge MTV, Super Bowl comm...

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  • Legorreta
    Legorreta, Lourdes (Edit.)
    The definitive monograph on the legendary Mexican architecture firm known for its soulful, sensual modernism. Although architect Ricardo Legorreta has been often labeled a high modernist, his buildings and that of his firm are rooted in the traditional architecture of his native Mexico. Best known for geometric and planar buildings with stucco walls, painted in reds and coppers...

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  • Enrico Donati
    Ades, Dawn
    The definitive volume on important, little-known Surrealist artist Enrico Donati—on the occasion of new research and never-before-published material. ?Enrico Donati first found acclaim when the master of Surrealism, André Breton, lauded him the savior of the movement in 1942. Donati went on to exhibit with major figures of the New York School, such as Rothko, de Kooning, and Po...

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  • It All Dies Anyway: L.A., Jabberjaw, and...
    Turcotte, Bryan Ray
    The untold history of the seminal cultural venue Jabberjaw—the underground star of Los Angeles’s historic indie scene of the 1990s. Billing itself as a "coffeehouse art gallery" when it opened in 1989, Jabberjaw quickly became not only the cornerstone of the Los Angeles post-punk scene but also a hub of the underground music scene nationwide. Bridging the gap between punk and i...

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  • Art of the Cheese Plate: Pairings,...
    Keenan, Tia
    Master delicious, sophisticated entertaining with acclaimed chef-fromager Tia Keenan’s foolproof pairings and quick recipes for elegant cheese plates and inspired accompaniments. A perfect gift for any host or cheese lover, The Art of the Cheese Plate offers clear directions and expert tips for perfect cheese plates and creative condiments. Composed plates showcase great Europe...

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  • Versace
    Versace, Donatella
    Versace-a name that epitomizes Italian opulence, bold sexiness, and a flair for the extravagant-holds its place firmly in the fashion world as a legendary and iconic luxury brand. Taking over the creative artistic direction of the family-run fashion house in 1998, the enigmatic and alluring Donatella Versace has since catapulted the brand into popular culture, cementing Versace...

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  • Pulcinellopaedia Seraphiniana
    Serafini, Luigi
    This delightful homage to Pulcinella (or Punch as he is referred to in English) contains over one hundred extraordinary pencil illustrations, some of which are depicted in comic-strip style. Divided into several scenes, it features the oddly surreal and globally recognised character that originated in seventeenth-century comedic theatre and became a fixture in Neapolitan puppet...

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  • Gloss: The Work of Chris Von Wangenheim
    Padilha, Roger
    The first monograph on notorious photographer Chris von Wangenheim, whose shocking work epitomized the glamour and excess of the 1970s and reflected the fashionable underworld living life on the edge. Between the years 1968 and 1981, photographer Chris von Wangenheim shocked the world with a body of work that explored sex, violence, and danger in the realm of high fashion. Von ...

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  • God Save Sex Pistols
    Savage, Jon
    The Sex Pistols have defined the look, sound, and feel of the punk movement since they formed in London in 1975. Together for less than three years a short run that included just four singles and one studio album before they broke up in 1978 their impact on the musical and cultural landscape of the last forty years is nothing short of remarkable. The Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten, ...

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  • BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo
    Coppola, Sofia
    BEAMS, which started as a small shop in the Harajuku district of Tokyo in 1976, has since grown into an influential fashion brand and an arbiter of style in Japan and beyond. To best serve the ever changing patterns of life for new generations of consumers setting trends in fashion and streetwear for over four decades, BEAMS puts collaboration at the core of its philosophy, hel...

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  • Big shots!
    Leeds, Phillip
    Just as Andy Warhol: Red Books defined a generation of artists, Big Shots offers a collection of photos that captures the energy of the world of hip-hop and the greater worlds of music and fashion alike. Started as snaps of friends and visitors, this unprecedented volume shot by Phillip Leeds, former tour manager of Kelis and N.E.R.D., is a compilation of previously unpublished...

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  • WWD Fifty Years of Ralph Lauren
    Synonymous with timeless American style, Ralph Lauren metamorphosed from a small collection of men s neckties into a global empire offering everything from casual polo shirts and luxury womenswear to athletic apparel and home goods. WWD has chronicled the company s every step since its founding in 1967, from that first wide necktie and iconic advertisements to Lauren s innovati...

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  • Luisa Via Roma
    Cunaccia, Cesare Maria / Tonchi, Stefano
    Over the course of ninety years of history and constant metamorphosis in the world of fashion, LuisaViaRoma has never stopped evolving and embracing new experiments, opening itself up to unexpected and sometimes provocative linguistic and creative forms. This is a story, told through images, of a launching platform directed toward the new and the diverse, in a city devoted to e...

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  • History of Tennis
    Evans, Richard
    Tennis, the much-loved sport, is a game for the ages dating back to sixteenth-century royal court matches played by King Henry VIII. History of Tennis captures the sport s long history, never short of theatrics, rivalries, power plays, political controversies, and inspiring personal stories. Beautiful historic and contemporary images of gripping matches like the unforgettable B...

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  • Rankin: Play
    Play draws exclusively on Rankin s archive of photographs of the biggest names in contemporary music from the rock gods who shaped our musical landscape to the British Invasion of the 1990s and the American superstars who mix music and production to define what the record industry is today. Divided by theme Heroes and Girl Gangs and Boy Bands, Cool Britannia and My Generation P...

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  • Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment #2
    Fuijwara, Hiroshi
    Commanding the hothouse environment of Harajuku, the street fashion and culture district of Tokyo, Hiroshi Fujiwara is recognized the world over as a pioneer in streetwear, music, and art and is the ultimate arbiter of cool. Known internationally as one of the founding fathers of the 1990s Tokyo scene, Fujiwara exerts a disproportionate influence over contemporary design cultur...

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