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  • Postcapitalist Desire
    Fisher, Mark
    A collection of transcripts from Mark Fisher’s final series of lectures at Goldsmiths, University of London, in late 2016.Edited and with an introduction by Matt Colquhoun, this collection of lecture notes and transcriptions reveals acclaimed writer and blogger Mark Fisher in his element — the classroom — outlining a project that Fisher’s death left so bittersweetly unfinished....

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  • Hours Have Lost Their Clock, The
    Tanner, Grafton
    In The Hours Have Lost Their Clock, Grafton Tanner charts the rise of nostalgia in an era knocked out of time.Nostalgia is the defining emotion of our age. Political leaders promise a return to yesteryear. Old movies are remade and cancelled series are rebooted. Veterans reenact past wars, while the displaced across the world long for home. But who is behind this collective ach...

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  • Repeater Book of Heroism, The
    Goddard, Tariq (ed.) / Niven, Alex (ed.)
    "I don't have any heroes, they're all useless", opined John Lydon in 1976.As a spokesperson of sorts for the punk generation, Lydon was giving voice to a nihilistic, deconstructive impulse which, for better or worse, would go on to dominate the next half-century or so of intellectual, cultural and political life. But isn't one of the problems with the modern world that we no lo...

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  • Psychoanalysis, Politics, and Utopia
    Marcuse, Herbert
    Back in print after fifty years and with a new introduction by Ray Brassier, this often overlooked but prescient collection of Marcuse's lectures makes an impassioned plea for the overthrowing of capitalism.Analysing the work of Freud and Marx, and taking in topics like automation, work, postcapitalism, utopia, and technology, Psychoanalysis, Politics, and Utopia excavates the ...

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  • Acid Detroit
    Molloy, Joe
    Redefining the counterculture as a time of Acid Communism, Acid Detroit diverges from most books on the Sixties, which centre on California, to show that Detroit was an unequalled hotbed of radical activism, urban unrest and sonic innovation. Considering Detroit’s unique mix of people and cultures and enduring sonic legacies, it covers everything from incendiary garage rock, to...

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  • Weird and the Eerie, The
    Fisher, Mark
    What exactly are the Weird and the Eerie? In this new essay, Mark Fisher argues that some of the most haunting and anomalous fiction of the 20th century belongs to these two modes. The Weird and the Eerie are closely related but distinct modes, each possessing its own distinct properties. Both have often been associated with Horror, yet this emphasis overlooks the aching fascin...

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  • On the Suffering
    Schoppenhauer, Arthur
    On the Suffering of the World is a collection of the later writings of Arthur Schopenhauer, known for their incisive, aphoristic style and dark, pessimistic view of human existence.Edited and with an introduction by Eugene Thacker, On the Suffering of the World comprises a core selection of Schopenhauer's later writings, gathered together for the first time in print.These texts...

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  • Repeater Book of the Occult, The
    Goddard,Tariq / Thacker, Eugene (Ed.)
    A selection of Repeater authors choose their favourite forgotten horror stories for this new anthology, with each also writing a critical introduction for the story of their choice.A selection of Repeater authors choose their favourite horror stories for this new anthology, with each writing a critical introduction for the story of their choice.Edited by novelist and Repeater p...

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