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  • Story of Antigone, The
    Smith, Ali
    Now there's a girl who understands things, the crow thought.When two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, die in a vicious battle over the crown of Thebes, the new ruler, King Creon, decides that Eteocles will be buried as a hero, while Polynices will be left outside as a feast for the dogs and crows.But the young Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, will defy the cruel tyrant and attem...

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  • Story of Crime and Punishment, The
    Yehoshua, Abraham
    You should go to a street corner and get down on your knees and tell the whole world: "I have sinned."Raskolnikov is a poor student living in St Petersburg. Desperate to escape his poverty, he murders his pawnbroker and her sister, and flees with a few watches and bits of jewellery. Although at first nobody suspects him, his own conscience plagues him incessantly - and it isn't...

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  • Story of the Betrothed, The
    Eco, Umberto
    "This marriage is not supposed to happen."Lombardy, 1628, a time of oppressive Spanish occupation of Northern Italy, and of the Thirty Years' War. The young lovers Lorenzo and Lucia, both from peasant families, are planning their wedding. However, the villainous Don Rodrigo has designs on Lucia, and the lovers are forced to flee their village. Their dangerous journey in exile t...

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  • Story of King Lear, The
    Mazzuco, Melania / Orciari, Emanuela
    Old King Lear has decided to retire from his royal duties. He calls his three daughters to him, and asks each to tell him how much they love him. The eldest two, Goneril and Regan, flatter him with their words. Cordelia - the youngest and, until now, his favourite - only says that she loves him as a daughter must love her father. Furious, he disinherits her and divides his king...

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  • Metallica: Black Album (2 LP)
    A1 Enter SandmanA2 Sad But TrueA3 Holier Than ThouB1 The UnforgivenB2 Wherever I May RoamB3 Don't Tread On MeC1 Through The NeverC2 Nothing Else MattersC3 Of Wolf And ManD1 The God That FailedD2 My Friend Of MiseryD3 The Struggle Within ...

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  • All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary (3 LP)
    Harrison, George
    A1 I'd Have You AnytimeA2 My Sweet LordA3 Wah-WahA4 Isn't It A Pity (Version One)B1 What Is LifeB2 If Not For YouB3 Behind That Locked DoorB4 Let It DownB5 Run Of The MillC1 Beware Of DarknessC2 Apple ScruffsC3 Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)C4 Awaiting On You AllC5 All Things Must PassD1 I Dig LoveD2 Art Of DyingD3 Isn't It A Pity (Version Two)D4 He...

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  • Open Door, The (2 LP)
    A1 Sweet Sacrifice A2 Call Me When You're SoberA3 Weight Of The World A4 Lithium B1 Cloud Nine B2 Snow White Queen B3 Lacrymosa C1 Like You C2 Lose Control C3 The Only One D1 Your Star D2 All That I'm Living ForD3 Good Enough ...

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  • Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig, The
    Zweig, Stefan
    In this magnificent collection of Stefan Zweig’s short stories the very best and worst of human nature are captured with sharp observation, understanding and vivid empathy. Ranging from love and death to faith restored and hope regained, these stories present a master at work, at the top of his form. Perfectly paced and brimming with passion, these twenty-two tales from a maste...

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  • New Adventures in Hi-Fi, 25th Anniversary...
    A1 How The West Was Won And Where It Got UsA2 The Wake-up BombA3 New Test LeperB1 UndertowB2 E-bow The LetterB3 LeaveC1 DepartureC2 Bittersweet MeC3 Be MineC4 Binky The DoormatD1 ZitherD2 So Fast, So NumbD3 Low DesertD4 Electrolite ...

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  • Lockdown Sessions: Coloured Edition (2 LP)
    John, Elton
    A1 Elton John, Dua Lipa– Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)Remix – PNAU*A2 Elton John, Young Thug (2), Nicki Minaj– Always Love YouA3 Surfaces– Learn To FlyA4 Elton John, Charlie Puth– After AllB1 Rina Sawayama, Elton John– Chosen FamilyB2 Gorillaz– The Pink PhantomB3 Elton John, Years & Years– It's A SinB4 Miley Cyrus– Nothing Else MattersC1 Elton John, Sg Lewis– OrbitC2 Elton John, Bran...

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  • Carmilla
    Fanu, Joseph Sheridan Le
    In an isolated castle deep in the Austrian forest, Laura leads a solitary life with only her ailing father for company. Until one moonlit night, a horse-drawn carriage crashes into view, carrying an unexpected guest - the beautiful Carmilla.So begins a feverish friendship between Laura and her mysterious, entrancing companion. But as Carmilla becomes increasingly strange and vo...

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  • Triumph and Disaster
    Zweig, Stefan

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  • Panoramas (2 LP)

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  • Wish You were Here (LP)
    Pink Floyd

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  • Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig
    Zweig, Stefan
    A casual introduction, a challenge to a simple game of chess, a lovers' reunion, a meaningless infidelity: from such small seeds Zweig brings forth five startlingly tense tales--meditations on the fragility of love, the limits of obsession, the combustibility of secrets and betrayal.To read anything by Zweig is to risk addiction; in this collection the power of his writing--whi...

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  • King in Yellow, The
    W. Chambers, Robert
    I cannot forget Carcosa where black stars hang in the heavens; where the shadows of men's thoughts lengthen in the afternoon... I pray God will curse the writer, as the writer has cursed the world with this beautiful, stupendous creation, terrible in its simplicity, irresistible in its truth - a world which now trembles before the King in Yellow.The weird tales in this slim vol...

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  • Unhappiness of Being a Single Man, The
    Kafka, Franz
    Kafka, whose name has generated an adjective, is one of the best loved writers of the twentieth century. Known for his dark, enigmatic stories, for the absurd nightmares he depicts, his extraordinary imaginative depth is clear in stories from 'A Hunger Artist' to 'The Verdict'.But Kafka also wrote fizzingly funny, fresh stories, and The Unhappiness of Being a Single Man contain...

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  • Jazz singer, The / O.S.T. (LP)
    Diamond, Neil
    - Disc 1 -1.- America2.- Adon Olom3.- You Baby4.- Love on the Rocks5.- Amazed and Confused6.- On the Robert E. Lee7.- Summerlove- Disc 2 -1.- Hello Again2.- Acapulco3.- Hey Louise4.- Songs of Life5.- Jerusalem6.- Kol Nidre / My Name Is Yussel7.- America (Reprise) ...

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  • Story of Captain Nemo, The
    Eggers, Dave
    "Don't you worry, son. Whatever it is that's been killing the sailors, I will kill it."In this science-fiction classic - reimagined by Dave Eggers in modern times, and from the point of view of the fourteen-year-old Consuelo - the famous oceanographer Pierre Arronax sets sail from New York to hunt down a mysterious sea-monster which has been terrorizing the oceans, wrecking shi...

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  • Story of Don Juan, The
    Baricco, Alessandro
    "The crazy life and courageous death of a man who loved women too much to want only one."Don Juan is a passionate lover of life and nearly 1,000 women. One night, the Commendatore of Calatrava catches him kissing his daughter, and challenges him to a duel. Don Juan wins the duel, which of course means that the Commendatore is slain-and so begins the end for the incorrigible sed...

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  • Story of Gilgamesh, The
    Yiyun, Li
    "A real friend is a companion for your heart."Godlike Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, has built a beautiful city, but is also a terrible tyrant. In answer to the prayers of his oppressed citizens, the gods create Enkidu, a wild man whose destiny is to first fight Gilgamesh, and then become his life-long friend. They embark on adventures together, but when they - together - kill the Bu...

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  • Story of Cyrano de Bergerac, The
    Benni, Stefano
    Cyrano de Bergerac is in possession of a cadet-position in the French Army, a poet's soul and a very, very large nose. He is also in love with Roxane, but believes himself too ugly to be loved by her in turn. When the handsome but unpoetic new cadet Christian de Neuvillette himself falls for the beautiful Roxane, he asks Cyrano to help him win her heart ... ...

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  • Journeys
    Zweig, Stefan
    When I am on a journey, all ties suddenly fall away. I feel myself quite unburdened, disconnected, free - There is something in it marvellously uplifting and invigorating. Whole past epochs suddenly return: nothing is lost, everything still full of inception, enticement.For the insatiably curious and ardent Europhile Stefan Zweig, travel was both a necessary cultural education ...

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  • Harold and Maude (LP)
    Stevens, Cat
    A1 Don't Be ShyA2 On The Road To Find OutA3 I Wish, I WishA4 Miles From NowhereB1 Tea For The TillermanB2 I Think I See The LightB3 Where Do The Children Play?B4 If You Want To Sing Out, Sing OutB5 Trouble ...

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  • October (LP)
    1.- Gloria2.- I Fall Down 3.- I Threw a Brick Through a Window 4.- Rejoice5.- Fire6.- Tomorrow 7.- October8.- With a Shout 9.- Stranger in a Strange Land 10.- Scarlet11.- Is That All? ...

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  • Sour (LP)
    Rodrigo, Olivia

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  • News of the world 40th (LP+3CD)
    New Pure Analog Cut A1 We Will Rock You A2 We Are The Champions A3 Sheer Heart AttackA4 All Dead, All DeadA5 Spread Your Wings A6 Fight From The InsideB1 Get Down, Make Love B2 Sleeping On The SidewalkB3 Who Needs YouB4 It's Late B5 My Melancholy Blues Bob Ludwig 2011 Master CD1-1 We Will Rock You CD1-2 We Are The Champions CD1-3 Sheer Heart AttackCD1-4 All Dead...

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  • Nietzsche
    Zweig, Stefan
    A scintillating biographical study of the one of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, by one of the bestselling writers of the twentieth.In this vivid biography, Zweig eschews traditional academic discussion and focuses on Nietzsche’s habits, passions and obsessions. This work, concentrating on the man rather than the work, on the tragedy of his existence and hi...

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  • Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig, The
    Zweig, Stefan
    A casual introduction, a challenge to a simple game of chess, a lovers' reunion, a meaningless infidelity: from such small seeds Zweig brings forth five startlingly tense tales-meditations on the fragility of love, the limits of obsession, the combustibility of secrets and betrayal.To read anything by Zweig is to risk addiction; in this collection the power of his writing-which...

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