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  • Contemporary Muslim Fashions
    D Alessandro, Jill / Lewis, Reina
    This dazzling exploration of contemporary Muslim modest dress, from historic styles to present-day examples, accompanies a major exhibition and reveals the enormous range of self-expression through fashion achieved by Muslim men and women. Filled with documentary and fashion photography as well as stills from runway shows and the media, this book explores the ways Muslim style ...

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  • Great English Interiors (Octubre 2018)
    Moore, Derry / Mlinaric, David
    Famed photographer Derry Moore and renowned interior designer David Mlinaric offer a panoramic tour inside some of Britain’s finest manor houses, halls, castles, and public buildings. Bridging five centuries, this lavishly illustrated book looks at houses such as Haddon Hall, Charleston, Chatsworth House, and Knole, each with superb examples of Tudor and Stuart interiors. Inclu...

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  • Year in the Garden: 365 Inspirational...
    Keil, Gisela / Becker, Jürgen
    Whether you’re planting your first flowers or perfecting your master garden, this luminous daybook takes you around the world of gardens for a daily dose of inspiration.Anyone who loves their garden knows that there’s something happening in nature every day of the year. Whether it’s the first crocus of spring, summer’s explosion of colors, fall’s abundant harvest, or the renewi...

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  • 100 Years, 100 Buildings
    Hill, John
    The founder of the blog A Daily Dose of Architecture, John Hill, is obsessed with his subject and determined to expose his fellow citizens to the glorious structures that shape our environment. In this beautifully designed compendium Hill presents his selection of the most significant building to be built each year from 1916 to 2015. Each two-page spread includes one or two lar...

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  • Russian Modernism
    Akinsha, Konstantin
    This book explores the direct connections and collaborations of German and Russian artists and the affinities between both countries' artistic development. Russian Modernism maps the Russian version of expressionism and puts it in the context of the history of 20th century art. Russian Modernism is dedicated to the radical modernist movements in Russian and German art during th...

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  • Frank Gehry
    Lemonier, Aurélien / Migayrou, Frédéric (Eds.)
    Featuring fifty of Frank Gehry's most important projects, this lavish monograph presents the full range of the architect's work from the past six decades. Arranged chronologically, this book follows the arc of Gehry's career, from his early residential projects through the public and cultural facilities his studio is currently focused on. The book explores the evolution of Gehr...

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  • Viktor Wynd's Cabinet of Wonders
    Wynd, Viktor
    Now available in a new edition, this sumptuous volume explores key aspects of Art Nouveau--decorative arts, architecture, fashion, dance, advertising, and more--with an in-depth approach and stunning illustrations. The Art Nouveau movement became an international phenomenon at the beginning of the twentieth century that ushered in the era of modernity in almost every aspect of ...

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  • Art Forms from the Ocean:
    Haeckel, Ernst
    At the nexus of art and science, this dazzling new edition of Ernst Haeckel's first work reintroduces the genius of an enigmatic scientist and passionate observer of the natural world. Although original editions of this book are extremely rare, it is now available for the first time in paperback, beautifully reproducing his drawings and watercolors. While the variety and detail...

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  • Now dig this!
    Jones, Kellie
    The pioneering work of a group of black artists is documented in this companion volume to a groundbreaking exhibition. This comprehensive, lavishly illustrated catalogue offers the first in-depth survey of the incredibly vital but often overlooked legacy of Los Angeles's African American artists, featuring many never-before-seen works, some of which were previously considered l...

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  • Vienna-Berlin: The Art of Two Cities from...
    Galerie, Berlinische / Vienna, Belvedere
    This is the first publication to compare and contrast the artistic traditions in Berlin and Vienna during the birth of the Modernist movement. From the beginning of the 20th century to the period between the two world wars, Berlin and Vienna witnessed an explosion of artistic productivity and experimentation. Featuring works by Schiele, Hausmann, Hoffmann, Kokoschka, Dix, Grosz...

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  • Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned...
    Marechal, Paul
    Now available in an expanded edition, this landmark collection presents all of the record covers designed by Andy Warhol between 1949 and 1987, charting the Pop icon's lifelong engagement with music and casting a new light on his enormously diverse oeuvre. Count Basie, Tchaikovsky, Aretha Franklin, Lou Reed, Diana Ross, John Lennon, and the Rolling Stones all had their music pr...

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  • 13 Artists Children Should Know
    Wenzel, Angela
    This heavily illustrated book featuring the world's greatest painters is an excellent introduction for young readers to artists and their works.Whether it's Leonardo da Vinci's mysterious Mona Lisa, Vermeer's vibrant depictions of light, Van Gogh's mesmerizing brush strokes, or Matisse's playful cutouts, the art featured here is introduced in a format and style that will appeal...

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  • Impressionism Reimagining Art
    Wolf, Norbert
    One of the art world's most recognisable and popular styles, Impressionism is also one of the most complex. In this sumptuous overview Norbert Wolf lends his attention to all aspects of Impressionism: its historical precursors, contemporary rivals and the movements it inspired. Over 200 large format reproductions of entire works and highlighted details introduce readers to the ...

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  • Klimt and the Women of Vienna´s Golden Age
    Natter, Tobias
    This authoritative and generously illustrated book highlights Gustav Klimt’s portrayals of women in his work. Klimt was a central figure in Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century, and a crucial link between nineteenth-century Symbolism and Modernism. His sensual portrayals of women are among his most celebrated works and the focus of this book. Highlights of the publicatio...

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  • Last Days of Summer, The
    Berjaoui, Akila
    In this book, photographer Akila Berjaoui shows how her love for the beach is inextricably linked with her artistic vision. Akila Berjaoui’s incredibly sensual photographs often feature sand, sun, water?or a combination of all three. In her first book, this highly sought-after fashion photographer, armed with her favorite old analogue cameras, takes us to breathtaking seaside l...

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  • Picasso & Rivera: Conversations Across Time
    Govan, Michael / Magaloni, Diana
    Examining the artistic development of Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera, two towering figures in the world of modern art, this generously illustrated book tells an intriguing story of ambition, competition, and how the ancient world inspired their most important work. Picasso and Rivera: Conversations Across Time explores the artistic dialogue between Pablo Picasso and Diego River...

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  • Albrecht Dürer
    Wolf, Norbert
    Now available in a new edition, this lavishly illustrated volume draws on the latest research to present an exciting new interpretation of Albrecht Dürer, both as a man and as an artist.Albrecht Durer’s prints and drawings have inspired hundreds of artists, both during his life and after his death. Yet his talent as a painter and colorist, and his enthusiasm for the scientific ...

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  • Painted in Mexico, 1700-1790
    Katzew, Ilona (Ed.)
    This stunning volume represents the first serious effort to reposition the history of 18th-century Mexican painting, a highly vibrant period marked by major stylistic changes and the invention of new iconographies. Exquisitely illustrated with newly commissioned photography of never-before-published artworks, the book provides a broad view of the connections of Mexican painting...

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  • Rouge
    Kenna, Michael
    One of the world’s most acclaimed photographers working exclusively in black-and-white, Michael Kenna has traveled the world to create stunning, magical images of nature and manmade objects. Known for the ethereal tone and incredibly nuanced detail of his photographs, Kenna is also a chronicler of environmental degradation. His images of an auto plant outside of Detroit, Michig...

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  • Alexander Von Humboldt
    Ette, Ottmar / Maier, Julia
    At the dawn of the 19th-century, the Prussian explorer Alexander von Humboldt was granted permission to charter an expedition to Spain’s colonies in the New World. Over the course of five years, Humboldt would travel to the Orinoco and Amazon rivers, predict the agricultural and commercial potential of Cuba, climb higher in the Andes than anyone before him, and acknowledge the ...

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  • Sculpture of Auguste Rodin at the legion...
    Chapman, Martin
    Auguste Rodin has been called the father of modern sculpture and on the centenary of his death this stunning book presents a fresh examination of his legacy.Exploring the full range of the work of French artist Auguste Rodin (1840–1917), this book also reveals the deep significance of Rodin’s oeuvre to the history of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, which holds one of the ...

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  • 50 Art Movements: You Should Know
    Ormiston, Rosalind
    The story of modern art begins with a revolution—when the realists started rejecting romanticism in favor of depicting life as it really was. Since that movement began in the mid-19thcentury, painters have been rebelling, rethinking, deconstructing, and challenging notions of what art is. Filled with stunning reproductions of some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, this refe...

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  • Facing Change: Documenting America
    Bendavid-Val, Leah
    On Inauguration Day, 2009, a group of photographers who were in Washington to document the ceremony began a conversation that led to the foundation of Facing Change. This nonprofit collective has a bold mission: to create a new national portrait of America. Its members include some of the country's most celebrated photojournalists. Their vision is inspired by the Farm Security ...

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  • Henry Fuseli
    Reifert, Eva
    Shadows and light, high drama and the supernatural, these elements are hallmarks of Henry Fuseli's paintings. Accom- panying a long-overdue show of Fuseli's works inspired by literary sources, this book addresses his appreciation of Greek tragedy, Shakespearian drama, and Milton's monumental verse epos Paradise Lost. While most of the criticism around Fuseli focuses on his nigh...

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  • Ken Price: A Survey of Sculpture and Drawings
    Schimmel, Paul / Thorne, Sam
    This comprehensive monograph of Ken Price's sculptures and works on paper pays tribute to a highly influential career and personality. Part of a generation of artists that emerged in postwar Los Angeles, Ken Price transformed the art of ceramic sculpture. In his work, Price found inspiration in a diverse array of sources, including the Bauhaus school, traditional Southwestern p...

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  • Desing in California and Mexico 1915-1985
    Kaplan, Wendy
    The histories of Mexico and the United States have been intertwined since the 18th century, when both were colonies of European empires. America's fascination with Mexican culture emerged in the 19th century and continues to this day. In turn, Mexico looked to the U.S. as a model of modernity, its highways and high-rises emblematic of "The American Way of Life." Exploring the d...

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  • Victorian Radicals
    Osborne, Barringer, Ellis
    This generously illustrated and exciting new study of the Victorian era features rarely seen works, provocative essays, and a striking, period-inspired design.Although the word “Victorian” connotes a kind of dry propriety, the artists working in the Victorian era were anything but. Starting with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and lasting through the dawn of the 20th century, th...

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  • 100 Years 100 Artworks
    Berecz, Agnes
    This dazzling book showcases the history of modern and contemporary art using one hundred of the most significant artworks— one per year—of the past 100 years.Starting with Marcel Duchamp’s 1919 whimsical, brilliant L.H.O.O.Q., this compendium offers a year-by-year tour of iconic paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, and performance pieces from all over the world. ...

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  • Gustav Klimt: Erotic Sketchbook
    Wolf, Norbert

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  • Beyond the plate - Top food blogs from...
    Galarza, Daniela

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